Gift Guide Spotlight: Reveri – Plant Based Frozen Dessert

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Filled with fruits and vegetables, this frozen treat offers the sweet taste of ice cream without all of the unhealthy additives. Reveri does not contain any added sugars, sweeteners, fat, animal products, and excessive calories. If you or someone you know is looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream, consider Reveri as a healthy gift.


Having tasted all the flavors, I would describe them as having the texture of a sorbet but the flavors are definitely not as sweet. What I love about these Reveri frozen desserts is that they don’t have any aftertaste and I’d even consider them better than Halo Top, if we’re being honest. I’d rank my favorite Reveri flavors as follows:

  1. Strawberry Patch (So smooth and tart with a hint of natural sweetness)
  2. Purple Mint Chip (Think of a frozen York peppermint patty)
  3. Chocolate Forest (Would be great in a chocolate shake)
  4. Vanilla Almond Blossom (Husband wasn’t too fond of this flavor, but it was creamy and flavorful)

Where To Buy:

You can purchase from the official Reveri site and search for nearby stores on their “Find Us” section. Available in packs, pricing is as follows:

6 pack:  $9.99 per pint
8 pack:  $8.99 per pint
12 pack:  $7.99 per pint

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