Mirate – Restaurant Review

The younger and more casual sister restaurant to Mirame in Beverly HIlls, Mirate also serves up an “ingredient driven” Mexican menu inspired by California. The menu ranges from the sharable “Los Dips y Tostadas” to ceviches, tlayudas, tacos and bigger entrees. Most dishes are sharable but the fried chicken taco I had, while generous in portion, still only a single taco and therefore not good for sharing. 

I could go on and on about their “robust selection of distillates, wine and beer––all sourced from Mexico” but I will instead point out that Mirate has a cheeky, inventive take on classic cocktails that is absolutely unique and delicious. I especially recommend the Clarified Milk Punch even if you don’t like absinthe. 

All of this can be enjoyed in the back patio, which you access through the Mezzanine floor you first walked up to.  There are tables and a bar on this level too but you’ll want to descend and sit in the open courtyard in the back, centered around a lit tree.  Our early dinner reservation afforded us the ability to check out both the daytime atmosphere as well as the evening vibe and I do have to admit that there was better ambience once the sun set.  

I’m sure one could make the case that Mirate isn’t the most authentic Mexican restaurant or even the most delicious.  But it definitely is a sure bet for good food and great cocktails in a gorgeous setting. 

Hidden in plain sight, an unassuming doorway on the bustling Vermont Ave opens up to a  staircase that leads you up to the oasis. Mirate can be found at 1712 N. Vermont Ave in Los Feliz. Open 5pm, brunch coming soon.

About the Author

Barndi is a 1.5 gen Korean American Angeleno who lives for food, friends, family and her Fido, Minnie Pearl. She goes off on food adventures from her base camp in East Hollywood.

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