Gift Guide: The Comfy Dream – Wearable Blanket

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who is always cold? We’ve found the perfect item, the Comfy Dream wearable blanket, for your hermit friend or family member. Thanks to the Comfy Dream team, we were able to try this super cozy and comfortably soft wearable blanket. The hoodie blanket is “One Size Fits All” so you don’t have to worry about sizing. Find out why we recommend this practical gift.

About the Product:

The hoodie blanket is soft, light, and has a single layer of 100% polyester microfiber (think of how soft a baby’s blanket is). The Comfy Dream is ideal for road trips, lounging around the house, or if you’re away on vacation relaxing in your Airbnb, VRBO, or hotel. The one size fits all wearable blanket features a large plush hood, which can double as a pillow. On the front of the hoodie is a huge Marsupial pocket, ribbed cuffs, oversized sleeves, and can be easily cleaned. Simply wash like normal and tumble dry on low. For sizing, top to bottom is 37″ in the front, and 42.5″ in the back. Pro tip: Upon first use, make sure to wash this item by itself or you’ll get fibers all over your other clothing.

Where to Buy:

Purchase the Comfy Dream for $44.99 from in a variety of colors ranging from Heather Pink, Sky Blue, Heather Purple, Heather Gray, or Dark Navy. A variety of prints are also available including, Galaxy, Fireworks, Red Plaid, Purple Tie Dye, and Cotton Candy Tie Dye.

You can also purchase the product from Amazon, where it boasts 5 stars from 9,911 ratings.

Already have one? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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