Product Spotlight: Hot N Saucy

Thanks to the Hot N Saucy team, we tried three delicious veggie based hot sauces in the flavors: Garlic N Peperoncini, Beet N Fresno, and Sweet Potato N Habanero. Created and hand crafted by Jamaican-American Harlem-based Chef Sam Davis-Allonce, the hot sauces are delicious on a variety of foods including salads, sandwiches, tacos, breakfast bowls, burgers, and on top of eggs.

Garlic N Peperoncini

Featured on Season 14 of Hot Ones, this particular green sauce is mild with a hint of sweetness and is ideal on pastas, baked potatoes, wraps, and on meat or seafood. It’s tart and paired nicely with my plant based Gardein f’sh tacos. Beware of the fast pour on this bottle as the sauce is a bit thinner than the other two. I accidentally doused my tacos with it since there’s no dropper on the bottle. My tacos were upgraded as they were tasty and flavorful, although there wasn’t much of a fiery kick.

Beet N Fresno

Just like the Garlic N Peperoncini sauce, this one also has a sweetness to it and goes well with chips, chicken, pork, and tacos. I tried this sauce on top of some Just Egg tacos and it offered a delicious beet flavor. However, it wasn’t too spicy. You don’t have to worry about this pouring out of the bottle fast as it’s got a thicker consistency compared to the Garlic N Peperoncini sauce.

Sweet Potato N Habanero

This sauce has a kick and goes well with poultry, fish, and shrimp. I tried this sauce on some chili and it definitely enhanced my bowl. I also tried it on a bed of broccoli and it was great as well as on a garden burger. Try it on French fries for some nice heat.

Where to Buy

These hot sauces can be purchased through the website or you can get the Garlic N Peperoncini hot sauce from Amazon. Each sauce goes for $10 and if you’re on a new plant-based journey like me, the addition of these vegetable based flavors will definitely enhance your meals.

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