Product Spotlight – Artemis Home’s Aura Collection

Having recently returned from a family road trip from Sedona, Arizona, crystals have piqued my interest. While in Sedona standing on a vortex zone, I learned that crystals and gemstones have healing properties and offer positive energy. Thanks to the Artemis Home team, I now have my first gemstone candle as part of their newly released Aura Collection. The Rose Quartz Love candle is ideal for Mother’s Day, smells great, and makes the perfect gift for family and friends.

Made of 100% soy wax with a 100% cotton wick, the candle is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben and Phthalate Free. The candle has a burn time of approximately 50 hrs.

The Rose Quartz Love candle smells amazing. The floral fragrance is calming and not overpowering.

Scent Notes
Top: Cloves, Bergamot
Middle: Damascus Rose, Saffron, Violet
Base: Agarwood, Praline, Sandalwood

As a nice complement to the calming fragrance, Rose Quartz is know to emit a strong vibration of unconditional love, warmth, joy and emotional healing.

Artemis Home suggests ways to take advantage of their candles as well as ways to utilize the crystals:

“Rose Quartz is known as The Heart Stone. It carries a feminine energy of comfort, tenderness and healing and inspires love for oneself and others. Reawaken yourself to the ability of giving unconditional love and accepting love from others. Burn your Love Rose Quartz Crystal Candle, open your heart, and recite the following affirmation:

I Am Filled With Loving Compassion For Myself And Others

After the first 3-4 hours of candle burn time, remove your crystals. Clean your crystals off, and recharge in the sunlight or moonlight. Use your crystals during meditation, Chakra healing, etc.”

About the Aura Collection

The Aura Collection consists of six genuine gemstone candles that lift any mood and set an intention. A unique combination, simply light a candle and counter any negative energy. The collection includes candles for – Positive Vibes, Energize, Protection, Full Moon Clarity, New Moon Recharge, and Love.

Positive Vibes Smokey Quartz Crystal Candle

Scent Notes
Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot
Middle: Ginger, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Coriander
Base: Musk, Amber

Counter negative thinking with Smoky Quartz. Increase focus and filter out bad moods and unspoken resentments with our Positive Vibes Smoky Quartz Crystal Candle. Burn your candle, think positive thoughts and recite the following affirmation:
The Flame Of Life Is Ignited Within Me

Full Moon Clarity Crystal Candle

Scent Notes
Top: Citrus, Japanese Persimmon
Middle: Black Currant, Lychee Flower, Rose
Base: Musk

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and fruition. It represents completion and the realization of your desires and the peak of clarity. Burn your Full Moon Clarity Crystal Candle, let go of anything that does not support your higher purpose, and recite the following affirmation:
The Universe Is Conspiring To FulFill My Dreams

Energize Green Fluorite Crystal Candle

Scent Notes
Top: Birds of Paradise, Orange
Middle: Geranium, Strelitzia, Green tea, Rose, Rasberry, Grapefruit, Mango
Base: Musk, Milk, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Peach

Green Fluorite is a stone of growth and renewal. Cleanse your heart and your mind of negative energy with our Energize Green Fluorite Crystal Candle. Burn your candle, clear your mind and recite the following affirmation:
My Energies Are Balanced And Grounded

Protection Amethyst Crystal Candle

Scent Notes
Top: Juicy Peach, Violet
Middle: Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Rose
Base: Cedar

Amethyst is said to be protective and healing. Ward off bad energy with our Protection Amethyst Crystal Candle. Burn your candle, declutter your mind and recite the following affirmation:
Infinite Possibilities Are Available To Me

New Moon Recharge Crystal Candle

Scent Notes
Top: Lemon, Orange, Black Currant, Lychee
Middle: Peach, Lily Of The Valley, Rose
Base: Musk, Leather, Caramel, Ambergris

The New Moon is a time to set intentions and start new projects. Write down your intentions and recharge, refresh and look to the future. Burn your New Moon Recharge Crystal Candle, invite positive energy into your mind and recite the following affirmation:
I Am Manifesting All That Aligns With My Highest Potential

Where to Buy

Purchase the Aura Collection from and each candle retails for $49.99.

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