Product Spotlight: Mamask Sports – Breathable Copper Fabric

The current Coronavirus pandemic has everyone wearing masks when we leave our homes. Let’s face it, masks aren’t the most comfortable things to wear but once you find the right ones, they’re not so bad. Thanks to Mamask Sports, their masks allow you to breathe in comfort while outdoors working out, hiking, bike riding, or even jogging. These masks make a great gift for those who want to stay active outside while staying safe.

About Mamask Sports – Masks

Within each bag, there are two pieces that were made in Korea. Simply place the thinner piece of fabric inside the thicker neoprene fabric to get a double layered mask. The mask’s outer fabric is made of neoprene, a durable, elastic fabric appropriate for all-weather conditions. The inner lining is made of a unique textile solution, combination of copper ion fiber with polyester for antimicrobial, deodorizing, and cooling benefits while being active.  


Hand-washing the masks with mild soap and water is recommended daily. Wash both the inner and outer lining.

Where to Buy

Interested in the mask? Get it from and buy a bundle for $21.99.

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