Mother’s Day Product Spotlight – d’aplomb Himalayan Salt Lamp

Having recently returned from Joshua Tree, CA after staying in an AIRBNB that had a Himalayan salt lamp, I knew a salt lamp would be the perfect addition to any home as a gift for family, friends, and even for myself. The calming glow from a Himalayan Salt lamp gives any room a calming, warm, positive vibe. With Mother’s Day around the corner and with the help of the d’aplomb team, we got our hands on a complimentary Himalayan salt lamp to review. The rose shaped lamp, handcrafted in Pakistan using salt from one of the oldest mines – the Warcha Salt Mines, and has lots of benefits and features, which makes this lamp ideal as a gift for many occasions.

Standing at 7.5 inches tall, the lamp, which is shaped like a rose, comes with two light bulbs, an electrical unit with a dimmer switch, instructions for setup, and a warning that the salt lamp may “sweat” and to keep it on top of a plate. It’s also important to avoid placing the lamp in a humid room like a bathroom, on a window sill, or anywhere there’s moisture. There’s another warning that says not to use a bulb that exceeds 15 watts.

Simple Setup

Setup of the lamp was easy and took less than 5 minutes. Simply screw one of the light bulbs into the electrical unit and insert it into the lamp with the metal clamps placed inside to hold the bulb in place. Then, plug it in and turn the dimmer switch on.

Benefits of d’aplomb Himalayan Salt Lamps

Acts as an Air Purifier

By attracting water vapor and releasing negative ions that bind with positivity charged dust particles, the lamp purifies the air.

Reduces electromagnetic radiation from your computer, TV and cell phone

By balancing positive and negative ions, the lamp reduces electromagnetic radiation.

Boosts your mood and concentration

By releasing negative ions into the air, the lamp promotes relaxation.

Helps you sleep

By emitting a calming and warm glow, the lamp helps with relaxation and promotes restful sleep.

The History

Mined from 250 million year old Himalayan salt caves from the Warcha Salt Mines, the area formed when the primordial ocean dried up. Salt from the unpolluted ocean was preserved in crystals containing all 84 elements found in the body.

Each lamp is carved by hand and is unique so size, shape and color will vary for each product. The base of the lamp is hand crafted polished wood and the lamp adds an overall warmth to any room.

Where to Buy

The product retails for $39.99 and can be purchased from or Amazon.

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