IKI Ramen – Restaurant Review

There are a couple of deceptive things about IKI Ramen. First is their (second) location on Sunset Blvd., which is in the ground floor of a tall Los Angeles office building with just a couple of beige patio umbrellas out front to distinguish it from the rest of the tower.  Second is their name. IKI Ramen excels in their ramen offerings but also offers much more! A ramen joint typically conjures up images of a fast casual establishment with delicious, heavy pork broths.  IKI Ramen, however, not only has a couple of dry aka no-soup ramen dishes, but a light and bright Yuzu Ramen that was just divine. Their other specialties are hand rolls and sushi/ sashimi. The seafood options are fresh fish that melts in your mouth, paired with perfectly seasoned rice and topped (sometimes) with unique sauce or seasoning that really makes the fish pop.  Yum!! I’m willing to bet that Chef Jeffrey’s years at the famed n/naka shaped a lot of the excellence in both service and food. Last note is that the ambience of the restaurant is proper for a date night out.  It’s no fast casual ramen joint – it’s a serene, high-ceilinged room that makes one want to linger and come back.

IKI Ramen has two locations, both serving lunch and dinner starting Noon, and is closed 3-5pm before dinner service. https://www.ikiramen.com/


6565 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028


740 S. Western Ave. #115

Los Angeles, CA 90005

About the Author

Barndi is a 1.5 gen Korean American Angeleno who lives for food, friends, family and her Fido, Minnie Pearl. She goes off on food adventures from her base camp in East Hollywood.

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