Gift Ideas for the Impossibles: How to Snag Something They Will Love

We all have them: those nearest and dearest to us who—in spite of our best intentions, heavy research and hours spent lost in the mall—are still impossible to shop for.
We turned to professionals and real-life people (see video here) for advice on the matter. Whether you need gifts for your millennial niece or your child’s teacher, we have you covered. For the full list of gift suggestions, head over to the RetailMeNot blog, The Real Deal.
Gift Ideas for Men
Shopping for Dad, your brother or better half? Gifting expert Lindsey Roberts recommends playing off of hobbies and interests. Is he an avid outdoorsman? Is he a whiskey lover?
For example, Taster’s Club (starting at $69 per month), will lift his spirits once a month by having a bottle of whiskey (or rum or vodka) delivered to his doorstep. Cheers!
Gift Ideas for Teens
Teenager interests change at the drop of a hat, and keeping up with their likes and dislikes can be extremely challenging. One recommendation is gift cards, aka gifting them the independence and freedom that they so desperately crave, to purchase whatever they have their eye on.
Gift Ideas for Millennials
For the age group that is still trying to figure out life, go for an experience-oriented gift. Author Aileen Avery states: “Millennials tend to be very social and like doing things with friends. And, like teens, their tastes can change from day to day.”
Our advice is to contribute money toward a vacation your millennial is saving up for, such as a night’s accommodation or a portion of their flight.
Gift Ideas for Mother-in-Laws
Buying for an in-law can be a high-pressure situation. There are a few ways to tackle this struggle: Cater to her hobbies and interests or take a sentimental route.
The Shutterfly Photo Book starts at just $16 and is so easy to assemble on We live in a digital age, but she will cherish this tangible present and appreciate the time and effort it took to make.  

Gift Ideas for Acquaintances
We’re talking the teacher, mailman, co-workers—those people you don’t necessarily know personally but want to treat because they help you so often.
Here, we again recommend something like a gift card or holiday treats from Shari’s Berries. Another cost-effective, yet thoughtful idea from our Shopping and Trends expert, Sara Skirboll: “Get crafty and make some homemade bubble bath or body scrub. Find a DIY recipe online and substitute scents and essential oils for your go-to favorites.”

Gift Ideas for Grandparents
For your sweet grandparents who treasure you the most, the gift of time is most important. “Take them out to eat, spend a day watching old movies, go to the ice cream store or a local garden,” Avery says. “If they don’t live near you, try teaching them to use FaceTime or What’sApp for video calls.”
Consider purchasing an iPad at Best Buy. There are still plenty of discounts to be found on electronics for the holidays. Along with a FaceTime tutorial, an iPad is a guaranteed way to be more connected with them, which makes it worth every penny.

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When she’s not running Disarray, she’s consulting for Tigerlily Consultants, helping businesses with their content marketing and social media strategies. 

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