Q&A with EDM’s DJ Flyswatter

We recently caught up with Electronic Dance Music’s DJ Flyswatter to discuss his sound, inspiration and new album. Get to know DJ Flyswatter and listen to a sneak peek his latest music endeavor. 

Disarray: Tell the world who you are and the type of music you make?

I am DJ Flyswatter or simply, Fly-swatter. I am an electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiast and singer/song writer/producer.

Disarray: Give us a rundown of some of your songs. What inspires your music?

A few of my most popular songs are titled, “R U Mad?” “Tall Ship” and “Winning” The inspiration behind these songs came from the combination of watching too many funny Youtube videos and restlessness.

Listen to a sneak peek of the album below:

Disarray: Which artist (living or throughout history) would you like to work with and why? 

If I could have had one chance to write a song with Daft Punk, I could say that I have lived.

Disarray: How does fashion play a part in your image?

Fashion plays a huge part in my image mainly because I perform in costume, which is out of the ordinary for most other DJ’s. I believe that it is the only way to stand out from the rest.

Disarray: How important is social media in the music business and to you?

Social Media plays a huge part in music. It always has. Today, you won’t even be recognized unless you have some sort of following on Youtube, Twitter, etc. To me, it’s the only way to reach out to my fans. Without it, I am completely silent.

Disarray: Are there any current events that may lead you to write a song about it?

I’d like to write a song about the Russian’s military presence in the Ukraine or about flight 370. For some reason, global news like that get’s me motivated to write.

Disarray: Tell us bout your latest night club performance experience? 

I recently had a chance to perform live as a guest featuring West Republic! That was perhaps one of the most fun Saturday nights I’ve had all year.

Disarray: Do you have a album coming out soon and if so when? What’s the name of it and how will it be released?

Yes, my first album is scheduled to be finished towards the end of April and I will be dropping my new release May 2014.

Disarray: You recently did an event with the charity, Wings of Love. What was that like? What next for D J Fly Swatter?

The Wings of Love charity event was a real eye opening experience for me as an artist. I was very honored to be the man behind the music that day. What’s next for me? Getting my music up on Sound cloud and Youtube!

For more information, visit: 

About the Author

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