Filmmaker Spotlight: Interview with Writer/Director Ryan Goldstein

In celebration of the NewFilmmakers Los Angeles screenings at Sunset Gower Studios this month, we’re conducting a series of Q&A Features and this week we’re bringing you Writer and Director Ryan Goldstein of “The Contract.”

“The Contract”
Ryan Goldstein

Tell us a little bit about your project and how long you’ve been working on it.
The Contract is a film that began after a discussion with my father when he told me about his worst fear; out-living his own children. When he said that, it stayed with me for a very long time and eventually became the driving force behind the idea of this film. From the first draft of the script to the final tweaks of color correction and sound design, the process took us about one full year. We were all working full-time at our day jobs during the process, so it was definitely a challenge.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for helping out with this film?
There’s just so many people that without their help, there would honestly be no film at all. Thank you to everyone who helped us finance the film, everyone who graciously gave their time and effort during production, and everyone who believed in us along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

How does it feel to have your film part of the NewFilmmakers Screening at Sunset Gower Studios?
It’s truly special for us because Myself (writer/director), Kelly Sullivan (producer), Reba Rosenthal (producer), Jack Coleman (actor) and a few others on the production all first met while working on the television series “Heroes” which shot at Sunset Gower Studios. Its an amazing example of how some things really do come full circle. We are honored to be screening at the studio where it all began for us.

What inspires you?
My love for the movies and my on-going dream of telling stories to anyone who will watch.

Who are your influences and who do you admire?
My personal influences are amazing film-makers from the likes of Orson Welles and Federico Fellini, to Soderbergh, the Cohens, Aronofsky, and PTA. I admire the directors that bring new and inventive ways to telling a simple story and always continue to push the envelope.

What lessons have you learned from the industry so far?
It’s extremely competitive and takes no prisoners. Hard work, persistence, and the undying passion for film-making is the only way to truly find success.

If you could collaborate with anybody, who would it be?
Steven Allan Spielberg

What is the toughest experience you’ve ever had to overcome?
Self-doubt. Believing in yourself and your abilities is truly the first, and most important step to becoming a great filmmaker.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given to you?
Always make the film YOU want to make. Don’t compromise your integrity to make everyone happy, because that’s impossible.

What advice would you give to new filmmakers starting out in the industry?
Learn from rejection and let it set a fire beneath you to strive for great things. Also remember, every idea has already been done a million times. No matter what, always try to put your own personal spin on it. Find a way to stand out.

Where can we expect to see you next?
“The Contract” will be playing at the Sonoma International Film Festival in April as well as The Palm Beach Festival Later in the month. Personally, I am developing a pilot based on the idea of “The Contract,” as well as a few other smaller projects.

Let our readers know where they can find more information about you and your projects.
Our film’s website – as well as Miles From Shore’s website (The production company behind the film) – www.milesfromshorefilms.comon Facebook you can find us at

For more information on the screenings in Los Angeles, see below: 

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles invites you to join  the Monday April 16th 2012 film screening series and after-party event at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood with a filmmaker lounge throughout the evening.

5:30PM Shorts Program Pre-Screening Reception
6:00PM Shorts Program #1 Screening:

* Dumpling (Dir. Wesley Du)
* Bugbaby (Dir. Rebecca Lorenne)
* Ticket to Hell (Dir. Enrico Natale)
* The Contract (Dir. Ryan Goldstein)
* A Very Office Christmas (Dir. Maital Falkovitz)

7:00PM Feature Film Program #1 Pre-Screening Reception
7:27PM Shorts Film Program #1 After-Party
7:30PM Feature Film Program #1 Screening:

* The Maiden Danced to Death (Dir. Endre Hules)

9:15PM Feature Film Program #2 Pre-Screening Reception
9:35PM Feature Film Program #1 After-Party 
9:45PM Feature Film Program #2 Screening:

* The Mighty Mavericks (Dir. Casey Kriley)

11:20PM Q&A with Feature Film Program #2 Filmmakers
11:35PM Feature Film Program #2 After Party

You will have the opportunity to meet the directors of each film, the actors and other crew + participate in a live audience Q&A.

There are pre-receptions and after-parties for each program. Admissions to the programs are only $6 which includes the screening ticket and access to the filmmaker lounge. Visit the NewFilmmakers LA Official Website at for more information and to purchase your ticket now! 

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