Live Review: Digital Hollywood Fall Conference

So much to talk about, so little time – this is how addicting this event was. The Digital Hollywood conference took place on October 17th-20th 2011 and was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, CA. This well attended event was filled with highly knowledgeable panelists along with a professional crowd including Aron Levitz, Peter Kang, Joyce Schwarz, and many more. Every day consisted of a strict back to back schedule, which literally kept you on your toes as you attended different panels in various hotel meeting rooms or pool-side.

A number of topics were covered including uber informative panels: 1) Roundtable on the Immersive Consumer Experience for the iPad, Tablet, Smart Phones and PC, 2) Advertising NEXT: Social Networks, TV & Video, Broadband, Mobile and Games 3) Advertising Accountability, 4) HyperAdvertising and 5) Facebook Factor, to name a few.

Here are our Top 10 favorite quotes from the event, in no particular order:

“We buy because of human psychology not technology!” Panel: Pad-Tablet-Smartphone-PC: Roundtable on the Immersive Consumer Experience
“There are more screens in the living room than cushions.” Panel: Pad-Tablet-Smartphone-PC: Roundtable on the Immersive Consumer Experience

“Facebook has less limitations and is therefore better than Twitter.” Panel: Facebook Factor
“Some people on Facebook don’t post about what they do; they just come in to play games.” Panel: Facebook Factor

“Geography is the most important variable when it comes to advertising.” Panel: HyperAdvertising

“Great advertising is based on great content.” Panel: HyperAdvertising

“Advertisers would love it if you keep all your cookies.” Panel: HyperAdvertising

“You can increase your ‘Likes’ but how that affects your sales is what really matters.” Panel: Advertising NEXT

“Data is the oil of the 21st century.” Panel: Advertising Accountability

“No movie wants to be a big social media hit; they want to be a box office hit.” Panel: Advertising Accountability

Wise words and humor made this a great experience for all entrepreneurs, some of which hung out long after the day session in order to network on the 1st floor enjoying the ocean view.

Discussion Highlights

Games on Facebook: Bust or Must
Who thought that games on Facebook could make games played on PS3 or Xbox a real competition? The Facebook magic is quite simple, social gaming! Sure you can play games with others on your gaming console, but when you are looking at the cost structure, Facebook’s model seems to be the winner over the old gaming philosophy, “pay to play.” When you can play for free, more people will give it a shot and since so many people give it a try, many of them stay engaged. It is all about just reaching critical mass. Nonetheless, gaming consoles are not likely to disappear in the next few years but neither is Facebook.

What Wins the Cell Phone Market Share?
Face it, people are obsessed with the cameras on their phones. The camera allows them to capture the moments in their life and then allows them to share those moments on various social networks. The phone with the best photo and video capability is likely to be a leader in the market. Not sure if all innovation in this space will propel your product to market leadership (such as 3D video) but as long as you can help people market themselves and the things they do in higher quality the more the people will demand your product.

Hyper Advertising? We can’t even get Advertising right.
There is a huge market opportunity in helping companies advertise better. The problem is that the advertising field evolves very quickly as technology advances. Fact is that there’s a lot of bad advertising out there, but with a strong content quality focus, all that advertising can improve significantly. The challenge is when you have a diverse target market. How are you going to customize your message to each group and how does that message change across different platforms like web, tablet and mobile? Geo Advertising has shown to produce great results directly impacting sales increases, but the challenge for monolith “big company” marketers is figuring out how their messages will change as national campaigns slowly get replaced (at least partially), by more local campaign efforts.

The Digital Hollywood conference was filled with great discussions that no article could do justice and that is why we highly recommend you head over to and sign up for one of the next conferences coming up in New York, Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

All photos by Markus Alexander 

About the Author

Markus co-founded a handful of companies including Startup Elite, Startup Industry, LeadLink and sat on the advisory board for over a dozen businesses ranging from the clothing industry to publishing. Boards he’s sat on consist of Unified People, Label King, and Disarray Magazine.

Markus earned two Bachelor’s Degrees from the California State University Dominguez Hills in International Business and Marketing. He also earned two MBA’s at the California State University Long Beach in Human Resource Management and Finance.
He was also a guest and keynote speaker for several educational and business events speaking mainly about leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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