Get Bikini-Ready with Tips from biKa

AmbiKa Sanjana

Summer is officially here and if you’re like most women, selecting a bikini can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Luckily, with tips from AmbiKa Sanjana, creator and designer of couture bikinis at biKa, picking a bikini is easy when you know what to look for and how to get bikini-ready. Feel confident and look great with advice from AmbiKa.

Tell us a little about BiKa . What influenced you to start a new line?
I lived my entire life by oceans, from India, Miami to Los Angeles. Frequenting a lot of beach destinations throughout my travels, I noticed a lack of couture swimwear. I wanted to create a bikini that one would want to wear on their honeymoon, birthday pool party or yacht in San Tropez… The idea was to design bikinis that would make that special day even more memorable.

What inspires your designs?
I draw a lot of inspiration from my country while using the ancient techniques of embellishment in a contemporary style. Archetypal motifs are a part of my heritage. The paisley, lotus and peacock are reoccurring patterns found in the tapestry of Indian handicraft. Each with its own strong symbolism: the lotus stands for purity and divinity, paisley represents fertility and abundance, and peacock embodies royalty and compassion.

What are your favorite bikini colors this summer?
My favorite bikini colors this summer are purple and khaki.

Can you give us an idea of how much your bikinis cost?
My price point is between $170-$220

The last time we saw you was at Project Ethos at L.A. Fashion Week. Will there be a fashion show featuring BiKa Baazar any time soon?
The next fashion show for biKa will be @ Miami Swim Week July 16th-20th

What separates your bikini designs from the others?
My bikinis have a unique blend of traditional Indian handwork and contemporary/classic bikini styles. They are all 100% hand made.

What advice can you offer girls who are a bit self-conscious about putting on a bikini?
Monochinis are a little more covered yet give you that sexy edge! Slowly build your confidence by wearing a glamorous bikini and getting tons of compliments!

What are some basic bikini-tips to ensure girls look great in their swimwear?
Find a bikini that best suits your body type, make sure you are smooth and bikini waxed & exude confidence!

What are five summer must-haves every girl should invest in?
Five summer must haves for every girl would be 1) A biKa bikini 2) Diva Sunglasses 3) Bejeweled Flip Flops 4) Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning Oil 5) Moroccon Oil for replenishing the hair.

How do you get “bikini-ready” for summer?
Balanced diet, cardio and toning regime, plenty of hydration and rest!!!

Where can readers find out more about BiKa?
Readers can find out more about biKa at our website or email us:

Is there anything else you would like to add?
biKa bikinis are available now on our e-boutique @

Do you have your own summer bikini regimen? What do you think of biKa bikinis? Let us know in the comments section!

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