Interview with Female Pop/Hip-Hop Artist Keldamuzik

This weeks’ artist spotlight is on Keldamuzik, an Oakland native who’s representing for female hip-hop artists from the Bay area. Her lyrical styles reminded us a bit of Kid Sister and her femme fatale attitude is sure to give any diva a run for her money. Keldamuzik has collaborated with artists in Barbados and St. Maarten bringing her fast, catchy flows international. She recently released her third album titled, Diva TV, and is currently working on, Diva World. Get to know Keldamuzik and her sound.


1. How’d you decide on the name “Keldamuzik?”
Well, music has always been a passion of mine so I used my gov’t name which is Kelda and added music on the end. It was crazy because it was during the time I started working with Golddigga Ent and they were creating my website and were like what should we call your website?? I said umm how about Kelda music? Then, I realized it would be cool to put a little twist on it and say Keldamuzik, ahh I love it!

2. How did you develop your sound?
I developed my sound by working with a variety of producers. After finding my main producer AP of Beat Empire Productions, I soon realized that heavy sounds bring out the best out in my voice since it’s so pure and clean. I like fast tempo tracks, upbeat, club and music sometimes simple beats. I like to switch it up sometimes by doing a few dance pop tracks but still keeping my same sound over them.


3. Are you currently working on any projects?
Yes, as of right now I’m working on Diva World. This album will feature all the artists I collaborate with in the countries that I tour in. For example, when I did a show in Barbados, I worked with one of their biggest artists out there, Kirk Brown. When I toured St. Maarten, I collaborated with Ku-J, who is also established in that area. Diva World, coming soon…..

4. Where can fans catch you guys live? Any tours/shows coming up?
Right now, we are booking shows for the west coast, Bay Area, L.A Vegas, Seattle and of course back to the Caribbean as well as London, Bulgaria, Liberia, and Australia. Everything will be broadcasted on Ustream or posted on Youtube.

5. Are there any artists/bands you admire and wish to work with?
Oh yes, most definitely. I’ve always wanted to work with Eminem, Rick Ross, T.I, Busta Rhymes, Neptunes, Timbaland, Just Blaze, Kanye West. So many artists out there, I can continue…

6. What inspires your sound?
Good question. My dreams inspire my sound. I mean, I will have a crazy dream or whatever and some beat or hook just pops in my head. When I wake up I keep the melody in my head and start writing to that concept. I guess it’s like when you aren’t paying attention or thinking of something, that’s when the best ideas pop up in your head.

7. What are your musical goals and what lessons have you learned so far?
Musical goals…I want to really get into licensing my music in film/tv, I also want people to look up to me and say, “I did this because Keldamuzik inspired me.” I want ears to listen to my music and say this chick is DOPE. I’ve learned in the past that you have to keep your composure, don’t go out of character or else people will see right through you and will be brain washed by your actions.

8. What’s the best piece of advice someone ever gave you?
Best advice someone ever gave me was to stay out of the studio. Of course making music is being an artist but when you are independent and have other aspects to focus on, music isn’t a major factor anymore. Anyone can make music, record, sing or rap, but you must make sure all of your promotion and marketing is lined up correctly so that you have an outlet for your music.

9. What do you do when you’re not making music? 
When I’m not making music, I’m always at the gym, always with friends and family. As you get older you realize how much you need those people in your life to keep you down to earth and of course happy.

10. We’re asking every singer/band we talk to: 
What’s your favorite restaurant? (Location, your favorite dish, etc?)
Ahh I like this question, my fav restaurant is Buttercup, which is located here in Oakland. It’s a mom and pop restaurant that serves breakfast all day which I LOVE. I can eat breakfast for the rest of my life, my fav dish from there is the Santa Fe skillet, it has bacon, sausage, onions, bell peppers, green peppers and eggs of course. Ok I’m getting hungry now!

11. Anything else you’d like to add?
Yes, artists whether you’re a band or solo act, make sure that you make fans a priority. You can’t do anything without people who support your music and listen to it. Even though you may not be where you want to be, you’ve still touched peoples’ lives with your music and that is the biggest accomplishment ever!

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