Smoke Signals: Maybelline Eyeshadow Review

The smoky eye isn’t just for the nighttime bar scene anymore. When done the right way, it is a bold look that translates to the midday meeting or the Sunday brunch. Trust me—I successfully pull this look off enough to know.

The key is coordinating a combination of eye shadows that have high pigmentation and what I like to call “blendability.” A lot of drugstore makeup brands have yet to produce these qualities in their eye shadows, but Maybelline’s new Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadows have the ideal combination of sheen and pigmentation while blending smoothly to create the perfect smoky eye, regardless of your plans for the night (or day!)

With the wide array of shades available, it’s easy to pick a few palettes and mix and match among them. I’ve tried two of the 10 combinations—Carbon Frost and Ivy Icon. For a deeper look, I suggest using the colors of Ivy Icon when topped with the shimmery charcoal-black tone from Carbon Frost.

The beauty of these shadows is that you can build the colors up or down, depending on the level of intensity you desire. Because of the “marbleized” nature of the colors that are blended together, the eye shadow provides a multidimensional tone, which adds to the depth and drama of the look.

When using these shades, don’t forget that a brow highlighter is absolutely essential.
For this look: 

Start with a light, shimmery neutral shade. For my fair skin, the lightest shade of Maybelline’s Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Give Me Gold worked well. I applied this from the base of my lashes up to the bottom of my brows.

Using a high-quality flat eye shadow makeup brush (I use Bare Escentuals), cover the lid up to the crease or the middle section of your eye lid with the lighter, marbleized tone of the shadow. Thoroughly coat an angled blending eye shadow brush in the darker, solid shade of the compact. In a dabbing motion, apply this shade from the center of your eyelid all the way to the outer edges. Again using the lighter shade, carefully blend the edges so that the lighter areas smoothly transition to the dark.

With a black eyeliner of your choosing—pencil works well for its smoldering smudginess—apply a solid line from the inner corners all the way to the end of your lashes. Using an angled brush or a Q-Tip, meticulously smudge the very edges of the liner into the darkness of the shadow. Apply a thick coat of black mascara, and voila—where there is smoke, there is fire!

For step by step photos, check out our slide show:

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