Berry Lips, Barrymore and Glam Eyes: Maybelline Review

I love a good smoky eye. The drama, the contrast, the power, the bit of mystery—it is all just so perfect. It can be done in different ways, with myriad shades and varying levels of intensity. For nearly every makeup-wearing day for years, I have carefully applied a smoky eye in some form.

And then one day, several weeks ago, this all changed.

It was a simple transformation, really. During a casual Sunday morning trip to the nearby newsstand, I bought a few magazines, one of which was the Harper’s Bazaar October issue. It might be too much to say the cover photo of Drew Barrymore stopped me in my tracks, but I do feel it’s appropriate to say, I fell in love.

It must have been the elegance, sophistication and romance of the clean colors, and the soft deep-black lash lines that made for a mesmerizing appeal.

So, I gave it a shot, using Maybelline’s Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow palette in Flash of Forest. I smoothed the light cream-colored shade over my lid from lash line to my brows using my fingers. The color is smooth and silky, but because of its silky texture, it doesn’t really stay put very well. I found this to be especially true once I began to layer the darker brown color on top in my creases. To achieve a contoured yet well-blended look took a lot of finesse. It was sort of like a slip-and-slide with my fingertips the cream shadows.

But I conquered that slip-and-slide. Using a black liquid liner, I carefully lined the eyes with a bit of a tail right at the outer corners. I carefully applied Maybelline Falsies Blackest Black Mascara, which was a bit too inky. I once saw a photo of a fake eyelashes made out of spider legs. Well, upon my first attempt, that’s sort of what this mascara reminded me of.

However, once I painstakingly combed through my lashes, the mascara seemed to do its job and I had full-bodied dark lashes. It just wasn’t easy to achieve. (Still, it was a lot more glamorous that having your eyes permanently change colors as a side effect of Latisse.)

After a bit of blush, I swept on the Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Berry Bella. The great thing about this eye look is that it is a dramatic eye but isn’t dark so it can be paired with a bright or dark lip color without seeming overwhelming.

For step by step photos, check out our slide show below:

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