Live Review: Die for Fashion at the Light Space

The Die for Fashion event on Saturday combined fashion, comedy, art, dance and live music at the Light Space studio on Melrose Blvd. Alisha Arnold put the event together to bring people from different industries into one room to form one night of creativity. Upon entering the venue, guests were treated to live music by Soultone artist Michael Thomson. He was joined by Terry Gordon and BJ Johnson. Attendees got a chance to eat Enjoi Cupcakes, drink beverages and enjoy art from Arnold Randall. Comedian London Brown hosted the packed event and set the tone for an entertaining evening, doing impersonations of Denzel Washington and Chris Tucker.

Comedian London Brown

The first designer to debut their line was Royal-T Clothing, who introduced bold prints, pleated designs, colorful combinations, asymmetrical shapes in the form of dresses, pants and two piece outfits. Beautiful models strutted their stuff down the runway.

Notable outfits include:

After the first line, a dance troupe called Here’s II Life blended a combination of tap dance, jazz, ballet and hip hop into their performance. The group captivated the audience as they brought their unique moves to the floor.

J Will was up next and showcased bright colors, pop-culture icons of the 80s, intricate vests, dresses, pants and glitter shirts. The noteworthy piece of the night was a Stevie Wonder hoodie. We could totally see hipsters everywhere picking up a few of these items.

Tara King performed, “Warning Shots,” which combined elements or rap, rock, punk and reminded us of the band Body Count. Comedian London Brown summed it up perfectly when he called the group, “Cold Blooded.” Tara also performed another song titled, “Surrender,” which got a few attendees singing and dancing.

Another dance troupe hit the stage in between runway shows. The energetic group called the “Incredibles” brought energy and uplifting moves to the floor. Dancing to positive, gospel music, the group got the crowd to clap along to their performance.

The Incredibles weren’t the only ones bringing uplifting, positive messages to the show. Feeling Fabulous was in attendance to enhance and help unleash the inner diva in all women. They motivate by hosting esteem-building events and seminars and provide women with material on how to feel positive about themselves, and how to love themselves from within.

Next was HoneyFly, who showcased Toga dresses, animal prints, hints of neon pink and looks to accentuate a woman’s curves. All of the outfits were fit for a night on the town. Looks we enjoyed are pictured below:

Next up was K-Boogie’s “Boogie Wear” which featured layered, two-toned colors. Two stand-out styles that made its way down the runway contained statements including, “Vote for Urban,”and “Socialist.” (Pictured below).

We enjoyed the intricate designs and attention to detail from “Boogie Wear.” This line is definitely one to watch.

Noteworthy looks are featured below:

For complete coverage, check out the slideshow below:

All photos by Markus Biegel

Photos are also available on

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  1. Beautiful event Alisha Arnold produced! Loved it! Sad to see you totally left out the name of another vendor there “Feeling Fabulous”, but the photos of this event are very nice. Kudos to Alisha for a great event!

    Sherri Terrell


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