Concept L.A. Fashion Week Wrap Up

Having attended a number of L.A. Fashion Week events, what separated Concept’s Tuesday night showcase were Gothic ensembles by MartinMARTIN, edgy outfits by The Battalion and an eerily dark installation by Skin Graft. The only thing missing from this event was Jesus Estrada’s Haus of Estrada line, which would have completed the overall fashion showcase comprised of dark ensembles.

MartinMARTIN’s line consisted of models with pale expressionless faces walking slowly down the runway, resembling the un-dead in carefully crafted clothing. While the ensembles looked a bit tattered, the intricate designs created an interesting contrast offering vintage charm to edgy designs.

Photos and video courtesy of Steven Buena/Disarray Magazine

Check out our video footage consisting of MartinMARTIN’s finale, Skin Graft’s installation, a brief walk-through of the event and more.

Upstairs, clothing and pig’s heads were on display while creepy music played. Skin Graft designs were on faceless mannequins. The first thought that came to mind upon seeing the installation was the horror-film, SAW with Jigsaw. 

Additionally, a few recognizable faces were spotted at this event including professional skater Patrick Melcher lead-singer Sarah “Sawa” Remetch of Watch Me Burn.  

Adding a bit of color to the event was Valerj Pobega, whose installation consisted of long dresses on face covered mannequins.    

Did you attend this event? Let us know what you thought!

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