Summer Beauty Trends to Save for Fall

Don’t re-organize your makeup bag just yet. With cool breezes slowly and refreshingly taking over, Angelinos have quickly pulled snuggly sweaters over their tank tops and have traded Uggs for their daily flip-flops. It’s time for a season change and with that comes an array of new looks for this season’s hottest trends. But don’t jump into the wagon just yet – if saving money has been your goal, splurging on a new set of eye shadows or lip colors may have you cringing while reviewing your receipt. Complement this chilly season by applying summer’s beauty trends in your look!
Natural Locks – let your hair flow carelessly along with the wind; instead of blow-drying or straightening hair, diffuse and let air-dry.
Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, you can leave it loose and decorate with detailed hairpins and headbands that are showing up on every fashion store counter.
Maintain frizz and fly-aways with anti-frizz products like John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum or Herbal Essence’s None of Your Frizziness shampoo/conditioner line to help sustain curls and leave locks shiny and smooth.
Nude Lips – fashion runways weren’t only trampled by thin models sporting designer wear: nude lips and cat eyes were plastered on every magazine as the season’s most snagged makeup look. The nude color easily goes with any look from au natural to dramatic. Nude lipstick allows you to play up other areas like eyes, updos and any outfit.Try a color that is close to your skin tone. You can test colors on your hand (palms down) since it’s the color closest to your lips. Remember to stay within your skin tone as a more dark hue will make you look too pale and a too-light hue will go unnoticed.
Smokey Eyes – this dark-hued combo never goes out of season. For a sexy yet playful look, amp it up this season by adding a tint of those bright summer colors to your smoky palette: fuchsia, purple, turquoise, gold, etc. Start by following your normal smoky-look routine and finish with a dab of a bright color to the middle of your lid or for an low-key extreme look, try the inner/outer lid.
Shimmer – just a hint of shimmer will keep giving you that glowy look you catered to in the Summer. Gold or bronze shimmer dusted lightly on your cheeks, lips or eyes will give your casual, cozy look a bit of spark.

So, with everyone keeping an eye on their wallets, remember to follow these budget-friendly beauty tips. Looking good doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

About the Author
Nancy Mora currently works as a proofreader for a busy law firm but her exuberance derives from creative writing and bringing stories to life. She indulges in her weekly cravings from salads to chili cheese fries and is a obliging gym rat – minus the bulging muscles.

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