Halloween Look: Jennifer’s Body

Forget the girl next door routine and vamp up your style this Halloween with a sexy, Megan Fox inspired look. This bad girl’s new movie, Jennifer’s Body, is a scream-worthy showcase of her oozing sex appeal that every guy dreams about and secretly fears. This Halloween is the perfect time to be naughty with these simple steps that will make you the girl guys would die for:

1. Maintain a little innocence:

There’s nothing sexier than a virginal goddess, but mix that in with a devilish attitude and you have the perfect concoction for a wicked night. Guys like the feeling that they have something to teach you. They are natural protectors, and what’s more worthy of their protection than an innocent air? But being all natural isn’t the only thing that turns him on-just like Megan Fox’s character “Jennifer,” you have to have the right attitude to pull off this look. Not only are guys protective, they are also very competitive. Make them work for your attention! Don’t just give any guy five minutes or even eye contact-you are too desirable to spend time on the meek boys that drool as you walk by. Mix a little innocence with your badass attitude and you too will be eating up guys left and right.

2. Be aggressive! B-E aggressive!

You are the ultimate fantasy, which means every guy wants you. No guy would dare defy you of anything. He already has a girlfriend? Too bad! Jennifer could care less if you were even a priest-no guy in his right mind would say no to her advances. There’s nothing subtle about your ways-you want something, you are going to get it, end of story. If they don’t like it, tough! Flaunt your sexual aggression to anyone you want-if they deserve it. Rules don’t exist in your world. You want a drink? You got it. You want a drink from that guy standing next to his wife? Done! Break up his daily routine with a little forced game of hooky from his work or school. Be bold-if he’s worthy, go out to a bar and buy him a drink. Show him a good time and he will be putty in your hands.

3. Don’t forget the look:

Skirts and shorts are never short enough for you. There’s nothing like black boots that will get you all the attention you deserve. Whether its school, the grocery store or a hail storm-strut your stuff with a sexy walk. Don’t be afraid to swing your hips or run your fingers through your hair as guys stare and girls glare. Look as though you know exactly where you’re going, even if you are completely lost. Plump up your lips with a plumping gloss that will give you a sexy, dying-to-be-kissed pout. Always wear heels, even if you plan on walking through the desert. If there are no heels to wear: go barefoot. Nothing else will ever be worthy of your feet.

This Halloween is the perfect time to try something new, even if it’s just for one night. But beware: you just might end up liking it year round.

About the Author
Crissy Done graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s in English and a strong desire to write. Her passions include fashion, beauty, music, food and travel. She hopes to one day become a successful and published author.

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