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Chelsea Girls Playing the Best Songs They Never Wrote
By Christy Buena
Combine four musically talented blond bombshells performing the best rock songs and you get the Chelsea Girls, a Los Angeles cover band that is lighting up the Hollywood scene. The Chelsea Girls deliver powerful vocals, wailing guitar riffs accompanied by intense bass lines and heart pounding drum beats. These ladies play hard with their sexy stage swagger and their ability to replicate some of the hardest rock songs performed by legendary bands including Motley Crue, AC/DC, Dio and Metallica, to name a few.
It’s no surprise these women dominate the stage given their talented backgrounds. The band consists of drummer Sam Maloney, whose performed with Peaches, Motley Crue and Hole, guitarist Allison Robertson of the Donnas, bassist Corey Parks – formerly in Nashville Pussy and vocalist Tuesdae, a world famous DJ and former Playboy model.
Opening for Motorhead at Club Nokia, the Chelsea Girls impressed a predominantly male audience as they opened their set with “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC. Fans sang along and pumped fists into their air as Tuesdae belted out lyrics using her opera trained vocals. The next song performed by the Chelsea Girls was a testosterone anthem by Judas Priest titled, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” where Robertson rocked her guitar solo and Tuesdae crawled onstage seductively. After the band’s Judas Priest cover, concert goers clapped and whistled and as soon as the intro to Danzig’s “Mother” played, fans cheered in excitement. During the band’s next cover, Blaine Cartwright joined the band onstage to perform, Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.” One of the highlights of the show was when the Chelsea Girls performed Dio’s “Holy Driver” and brought a sword onstage, reminiscent of the original music video. Next on the set list was Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” where Robertson and Parks nailed the introduction causing newfound fans to shout and cheer. Closing up their performance, the Chelsea Girls went out with a band as they performed Motley Crue’s “Live Wire” where Parks and Tuesdae gave male fans something to think about: Tuesdae licking Parks’ bass strings.
Watch one concert and you’ll witness why the foursome leaves audience members in amazement. Unlike other cover bands that exude cheesiness reminiscent of drunken Karaoke sessions, these four lovely ladies are far from the cliché delivering hair flipping action, in your face anthems and sex appeal. Between songs, male audience members profess their undying love (and lust) to the ladies by yelling, Marry me!” and “You’re fucking hot.”
We sat down with the Chelsea Girls after their performance for an interview. Here’s some footage:
Crazy Town Reunites and Performs at Les Deux
By Christy Buena
What? Crazy Town is back in action? If you don’t remember this band, they had a hit song in the late 90’s titled, “Butterfly.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have seen the lead singer Seth “Shifty” Binzer on the reality show Celebrity Rehab, where he battled a dangerous addiction. Luckily, he kicked the habit and is working on a new Crazy Town album with band mate Bret Mazur aka “Epic.” What better way than to celebrate with a listening party at Hollywood nightclub Les Deux?
The red carpet event played host to reality TV stars Daisy DeLa Hoya and the like. Once inside, unfortunate technical difficulties took the stage when a guitar amp blew out. When the equipment was finally up and running, Crazy Town singer “Shifty” joined a group of talented kids from a band called Automatic Youth, where they performed cover songs including “Walk This Way,” by Aerosmith, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the Clash and “Fight For Your Right,” by Beastie Boys. Here’s some footage courtesy of maxbouvrie.

These rock stars in training were a bit timid in the beginning but let loose once they played an original song, which seemed to be their confidence booster. Clearly this band has a lot of potential so keep an eye out for them.
Next up was a hip hop electro group called Broshigeez, which stands for Brothers & Sisters High In God’s Eternal Eye. The trio performed a slew of songs which sounded similar to the Black Eyed Peas. One notable song was, “Tight Body Hottie,” which consisted of bass thumping, head banging beats topped with smooth raps from Roycel Cooks, Kimala and Thomas Van Musser. Here’s a clip of the song:
Finally, Crazy Town got onstage and opened their set with, “Butterfly.” The audience members went crazy, putting their hands in the air and jumping up and down. Surprisingly, the band sounded the same as they did back in the late 90s, if not better. In between songs, “Epic” announced that they were going to “do something big in one month.” They told the crowd that they were going to perform at a different venue and invited them to come out again. Then, the band gave attendees a taste of the their new album with a track titled, “Come Inside.” The rap rock song was catchy, energetic and fans sang in unison.
To everyone’s surprise, another group called Officially Hollywood, took the stage after Crazy Town. Joining them was “Rock of Love” contestant Daisy DeLa Hoya of the reality show “Daisy of Love.” She introduced the group. The rowdy members of the group, Davin Dellosa and Imani Walker asked the audience, “If your pussy is clean, let me hear you scream.” Shocking. Then, the duo performed a song titled, “My World.” On one of the songs, Daisy started singing as well.
Overall, the night was entertaining and the music groups did good despite the weak sound system. Here are some shots from the event:
Vans Warped Tour Recap
By Christy Buena
Thousands of teenagers flocked to the Vans Warped Tour at the Home Depot Center, which featured over 4 stages and more than 15 bands. One of the common themes at the event included crowd surfing and moshing to fast, loud music.
On the Hurley Stage, Arizona natives The Maine, covered Def Leopard’s, “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Lead singer John O’Callaghan told the audience to take two steps forward and dance with the person in front of them. The rowdy crowd sang along to almost every song and obliged whenever Callaghan told them to put their hands in the air and dance. Catchy songs, great vocals and an energetic stage presence made this band one of the best performers at the show. Offering good advice, Callaghan asked the crowd if they were still on vacation and told them to “stay in school.”
Over on the main stage, Underoath performed a string of songs to a huge crowd and mentioned being a Christian band. Lead singer Spencer Chamberlain admitted that the band was probably not the typical band on the Warped Tour bill but urged the audience to be open minded.
Another memorable performance was by Black Tide, a band that really knows how to get a crowd amped up. Performing near a dirt field, the band combined loud wailing guitars, hair flipping with overtly animated band members. Audience members rushed to the stage as they heard the band playing. Video footage at the Home Depot Center was prohibited but here’s what you missed if you weren’t at the Pomona, CA show (Video courtesy of optimum5x5):
After Black Tide’s set, the band threw drum sticks and guitar picks into the audience.
Next up on the Hurley stage was TAT, a band hailing from the UK fronted by Tatiana DeMaria. With fast paced beats and DeMaria’s fast singing, the band drew a huge crowd. They delivered a variety of sounds including punk, metal, ska and melodic music with lots of heart. This band is honestly one of the most original ones out there today.
On another note, while walking around the venue, there was definitely no shortage of merchandise with booths selling everything including hats, purses, neon T-shirts, bikinis, booty shorts and CDs. Concertgoers even got a lesson in safe sex as they entered a giant yellow Trojan Condom tent for a chance to win prizes, leaving with free condoms.
Despite the fact that Warped Tour veterans Bad Religion, Guttermouth and Bouncing Souls did not take the stage at this event, the show was fun and fans came out in the masses to stand in the sweltering heat, mosh in a dirt bowl and crowd surf on the last day of the tour.
Without a doubt, the bands on the bill were entertaining to watch and the event was worth going home with a sunburn.
Pennywise Lead-singer/songwriter announces his departure from band
By Christy Buena
Longtime Pennywise fans will be sad to know that lead singer and songwriter Jim Lindberg announced that he’s leaving the band. He gave this statement:
“After 20 years, nine albums and thousands of shows around the world, my time in Pennywise has come to an end. Being the singer for this band has been an amazing experience, and along the way we made some of the best fans anyone could ask for. There are few things that made me more proud than seeing people at our shows singing our songs, and it’s your support and encouragement that’s kept me going this long. I would sincerely like to thank everyone who helped us along the way and wish everyone in the Pennywise family the best of luck and continued success. Yours truly, Jim.”
Lindberg is currently working on a documentary based on his book titled, Punk Rock Dad, and is set to begin recording for an as yet untitled release. He is also a founder and consultant for the Video On Demand action sports and music network, Havoc TV.
Here’s a fitting song:
Black Eyed Peas Bring their Boom Boom Pow Live
By Christy Buena
The Black Eyed Peas took the stage and delivered booming sounds and dance moves, turning the sold out Pacific Amphitheater into a giant party Friday night.
The amphitheater was filled with over 8,000 diverse fans ranging from tweens, teens, 20-somethings and even parents. Everyone in the audience sang along to every Black Eyed Peas song and danced in their seats as the group exuded an energetic stage presence.
As soon as Fergie (Stacy Ferguson) belted out her lyrics, the crowd put their hands in the air and screamed in excitement. Females in the audience sang along with their female idol and without a doubt, the guys enjoyed the sight of women enjoying themselves.
Doing most of the talking in between songs, ( William James Adams, Jr.) told fans that the Black Eyed Peas finally released their fifth record. He took fans on a journey down memory lane and explained that the group started back in 1995, overcame hardships and released their first album in 1998.
“I remember going to the store…we’d steal chicken and steak. It was tough man,” said.
He continued to reminisce about meeting Fergie for the first time, traveling around the world and most importantly, he expressed gratitude towards fans for making it possible.
“We are so blessed and out of all the years, this album is so successful. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the love,” said as he led into the song, “Where is the Love?” During the song, all the lights in the amphitheater were turned off and the crowd was instructed to take their phones out creating a sea of cell phone stars. Footage below:
Whether it was the green laser lights pointed at the crowd or the upbeat music, or the bright lights, the show took fans on an emotional rollercoaster starting off with fast paced songs, “Let’s Get It Started,” and “Boom Boom Pow,” then slow ballads by Fergie and then closing the night with “Mare,” “Imma Be,” and finally, “I Gotta Feeling.”
Other highlights include’s tribute to Michael Jackson where he played “Thriller” and “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.” See footage below:
Expressing a bit of Filipino pride, (Allan Pineda Lindo) sang a song in Tagalog on the track titled, “Mare,” which is featured on the latest album titled The E.N.D. (The End Never Dies), in stores now.
If you’re looking for a non-stop entertainment and a party atmosphere, then the Black Eyed Peas is a must-see. This show gets 5 out of 5 stars.
(Youtube videos are courtesy of users: missarstyaj and g0tmus1c).
For comments, questions or suggestions, contact christy@disarraymagazine.
Whitesnake Still Rocking Out
By Christy Buena
Loud 80’s power ballads and wailing guitars blasted from the speakers at the Pacific Amphitheater when Whitesnake took the stage. Opening up for Judas Priest, the band performed their most famous hits from albums Saints & Sinners and Slide It In.
Sporting long hair, leather pants and opened button up shirts, the band rocked out onstage doing hair flipping, head banger movements. Signature 80’s hair band screams were widely-received with middle aged fans holding up devil hands and screaming, “Fuck yeah, Whitesnake!!”
Before performing the song, “Slow An’ Easy” lead singer David Coverdale asked fans, “We’re still sliding it in, aren’t you glad we’re still sliding it in?” Fans cheered in excitement, especially women in the audience. Surprisingly, during the band’s set, security guards danced to the music as well. During the chorus where the band sang, “Take me down so easy, make love to me so easy,” women screamed louder and danced seductively to the sexual lyrics.
After the song ended, Coverdale, toasted to the crowd and had a fan pour some of his beer into his cup. He followed with, “I just got my American citizenship!” Whistles, cheers and screams filled the amphitheater in response. “Now I need to work on losing this accent,” Coverdale said.
During the song, “Lay Down Your Love,” guitarists Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach rocked out playing five minute guitar solos, each taking turns to show off their skills. The two guitarists played face to face and flipped their long hair as they played their guitar riffs simultaneously.
Next, Coverdale introduced various members of the band and before presenting guitarist Beach, he said, “Where’s the fucking lights? He’s too good looking to be in the dark.” The crowd then screamed and cheered. Following the rowdiness, the band played their hit song, “Is This Love,” where fans sang along, pounded fists into the air and held up their lighters.
As soon as the band played, “Here I go Again,” fans waiting in line to get beer ran to their seats while singing along.
If you’re looking for lots of smoke, hair flipping, drum and guitar solos, definitely check out a Whitesnake concert. Here’s some footage from the show.
“Is This Love” power ballad.
Free NYC Concerts by Trey Songz, Day 26, Doug E. Fresh & Toby Love By Christy Buena  With fall semester around the corner, the AMBER Ready Foundation is reacting by launching the AMBER Ready Back To School Safety Weekend at ABC Studios, live in Times Square August 14-16. The free event will offer back to school tips, food, prizes and family fun entertainment as well as free musical performances by Trey Songz, Day 26, Doug E. Fresh, Toby Love and others. The Times Square Plaza will play host to celebrities, athletes, civic and community leaders who plan on attending the event. Beginning at noon, attendees will enjoy the Celebrity Virtual Game On and at 6pm, music acts will take the stage. At 9pm, there will be an AMBER light vigil for missing children. Every year, over 800,000 children are reported missing and 364,000 are abducted. The AMBER Ready Program gives parents and guardians the ability to store their child’s information including their photo, description and other info. on their phones and if the unfortunate where to happen, the Amber Ready subscriber can easily transfer the information to media stations, airports, law enforcement and the entire AMBER Alert network. About the Musical Acts:
Trey Songz (Tremaine Aldon Neverson) is a Grammy nominee singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor. He’s signed to Atlantic/Marfontaine Records and in 2009, Songz earned a Grammy Award nomination for “Can’t Help but Wait.” The song also earned a nomination at the BET Awards for Best Male R&B Artist.
Day 26 of Bad Boy Records was showcased for the world to see on MTV’s show Diddy’s “Making the Band 4.” Group members include Robert Curry, Brian Andrews, Willie Taylor, Michael McCluney, and Qwanell Mosley. The group has two albums out titled, Day 26 and Forever in a Day. In 2009, they won Best Group at the BET Awards. Doug E. Fresh (Douglas Davis) is known as the beat box king and widely recognized for hip hop classics “The Show” as well as the B-side “La Di Da Di.” Davis partnered with Slick Rick back in the 80s and was the frontman of Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew. Today, Davis
Toby Love is a Latin R&B singer signed to Sony BMG. Love has three studio albums including a 2008 release titled, “Love is Back,” 3007’s “Toby Love Reloaded” and Toby Love released in 2006.
For questions, comments or suggestions, let us know by clicking here.
Lady Gaga snags three #1 songs from her debut album 7.14.09
By Christy Buena
With her risque music videos, crazy outfits and catchy electro-pop lyrics, Lady Gaga has made Top 40 radio history by snagging three #1 songs from her debut album, The Fame. In the history of the Billboard’s Top 40 chart, only two others hold this title including Ace of Base and Avril Lavigne.
So what makes Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), so fierce? I don’t know, probably the fact that her singles have reached #1 in 15 countries and her album sold over three million copies around the globe. Oh and let’s not forget that she’s not afraid to sing, “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick/I wanna take a ride on your DISCO STICK.”
Surprisingly, Christina Aguilera has been accused of stealing Lady Gaga’s signature look. In response, Aguilera told the LA Times:
“You know, that’s funny that you mention that. This person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.”
You might remember Lady Gaga’s first single which has been known as the dance floor theme song, “Just Dance.” The song beckoned drunk girls to run to the dance floor at any given club. (Girls, you know who you are).
If you want to catch Lady Gaga on tour, check her out this fall as she shares the stage with Kanye West.
Dr. Hollywood Performs @ Area in Los Angeles 6.26.09
Promoting their double album due this summer, Dr. Hollywood performed two songs to a packed house at club Area in Los Angeles Friday night. Sporting white hoodies and white shades, Louie Rubio and Lex Larson sang, “Smashing Bottles,” along with their their hit song of the moment titled, “We Run L.A.” You may or may not have heard this song on Power 106, which features rapper Ya Boy.
The diverse crowd consisted of girls and guys in clubbing attire, as well as those dressed in rave clothing (very circa 90s, I might add). Everyone danced and jumped around while the duo rapped and crooned. The crowded and sweaty venue was filled with 20 somethings grinding on the dance floor after the performance.
Nonetheless, the mini concert was entertaining but the crowd was a reminder as to why this venue is better during the week.

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