Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Delivers High-Adrenaline, Action-Packed Gaming

We got a chance to review Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) before its official release date and we have to say, we’re impressed! The game was complete with cool graphics, (not as crisp as Battlefield 3), but it came with an engaging story and plenty of high-adrenaline, action-packed scenes, making it hard for us to put the controller down. Did we mention we beat the campaign mode in 7 hours? We have yet to test out the game’s multiplayer mode, but we’ll tell you what we think so far.

For the N00bz, we got some slightly bad news. The game starts off with lots of fire action and no “Hold My Hand” tutorial. This means you need to learn to survive and you better do that shit FAST. For most N00bz, the challenge will be figuring out how to naturally “move” in the game; that is going back and forward with the shooter and looking around at the same time. This does take some practice but with some patience and perhaps a few hours of game play everyone can quickly learn how to move like the veterans. Mastering the movement is only half the battle. You also need to learn how to shoot, ration your ammunition and last but not least think like a soldier, that is, take calculated risks.

You might have a hard time understanding what’s going on at first considering the “fast talking” nature of the characters in the game, but you will get a greater understanding once you progress in and move on to new chapters. In most cases, as long as you understand the mission and keep an eye on what your fellow soldiers are saying, you should be in good shape.

 One of the shocking scenes of the game, almost as shocking as Dead Island’s trailer, was the scene consisting of a little girl in London playing with her family while on vacation, only to get blown away by a truck carrying explosives. Shocking? Yeah, we think so.

Besides shocking scenes, the game offers intense gameplay. We drove boats into planes, blew up submarines, shot people while in zero gravity on a plane and thrown into CRAZY circumstances which made the story line, gameplay and overall experience worthwhile. It was like being in a blockbuster action film.

Did we mention we beat the game in less than 7hrs and 20mins (one sitting) and we were really taking our time (you know enjoy the scenery and all)? Now, this might not sound like such a good deal considering the $100 price tag for the Hardened Edition but as all the Vets know, the real value here is the opportunity to repeatedly torture your friends and people worldwide in the online multiplayer mode while tracking stats on Elite’s backend.

With the Hardened Edition you get Elite and the backbone of Elite is impressive, a true gaming revolution and new way to publicize your stats and quite frankly brag.

(NOTE: According to the official Call of Duty Elite Facebook page, the service is having some connectivity issues due to the surge of user registrations. As of 11.8.11, here’s the latest status update:

Thank you for your patience while we are working to address the registration and log-in issues created by the surge of new registrants to Call of Duty ELITE. We’re making strong progress, with a 4x increase in registration capacity (and people registering per hour), but we will continue to work through the night on this, as well as meeting increased demand for stats and back-end data services.

Please be sure to check back tomorrow for more information, including an update on mobile apps. For the latest news, please follow @CallofDutyElite on Twitter.

One thing that annoyed us a bit, was the constant reloading of our weapons but perhaps it makes the game much more realistic… The reloading issue has a fun benefit: Have you ever shot someone’s head of or knifed them while they’re reloading? This is kind of fun, especially in multiplayer mode.

Last Words: N00bz, it’s not too late to jump into the action. Don’t let the “3” intimidate you. You can easily enter into the shooting world with this game and you will have a blast. Veterans, you don’t need to be sold on this game, see you on the field!

You’re probably wondering, “How does this game stack up against Battlefield 3?” While BF3 may have a newer engine, we’ve been told that “Battlefield is just the same as their last three games, they added jets, that’s all.” said long-time gamer Steven Patrick. “COD and BF3 are both good games, but different types of games as COD is more about close quarter combat and fast paced action, whereas BF3 is a “simulator” strategic game.”

Agree? Disagree? Check the game out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section.

About the Author

Markus is a long time affiliate of Disarray Magazine, current head of photography and contributing writer. As a serial entrepreneur he co-founded a handful of companies including Startup Elite, Need Media Now, Unified People and sat on the advisory board for over a dozen businesses ranging from the clothing industry to new media publishing.

Markus earned two MBA’s at the California State University Long Beach in Human Resource Management and Finance. He was also a guest and keynote speaker for several educational and business events speaking mainly about leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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