Holiday Glam: Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner NYX Cosmetics Review

Looks using “Tribute to Marilyn” Black Label Lipstick and NYX eyeliner

With so many gatherings occurring this season, I wanted to create a “Holiday Glam ” inspired look and thanks to the NYX Cosmetics team, Disarray Magazine was given eyeliners, Black Label Lipstick and highlighters to create the perfect look fit for the hottest Hollywood club or cocktail party. I quickly created the pin-up inspired look and noted the pros and cons about the products used.

For starters, the Black Label Lipstick design was intricately detailed and I loved the fact that the color of the shade was shown at the base of the lipstick.

I wanted my eyes to be bold so, I started off by using the black Slim Eye Pencil to create winged tips. At first, the eyeliner was really dense, so I had to run the pencil across a napkin to “break it in” a bit.

I lined the top of my lashes by drawing short strokes starting at the inner corner of my eyes working my way outward. Then, I went over my lid to create a somewhat thick line for a dramatic winged eyeliner look.

To create the winged tips, I continued following my lower lash line past the corners of my eyes. After using the eyeliner a few times, it softened up and slid on nicely. Unfortunately, I noticed that the eyeliner smeared a bit throughout the day.

Solution: It’s best to use a primer on your lids before application. Finish it off by going over the dark lines with a dark eye shadow. This will help seal the look in place so that it holds all day.

Slim Eye Pencil: $3.50 USD

On my lips, I applied the Black Label Lipstick in a shade called, “Tribute to Marilyn” to create a rich, bold red pout. I liked how the lipstick was creamy and glided on effortlessly. Upon first application, the lipstick color was intense and a little too red for my taste, so I made sure to blot.

Black Label Lipstick: $7.50 USD

Quick Video:

Finished look
Since I was on my way to my best friend’s birthday party in Hollywood, I decided to complete the look with loose curls and a gold tube top dress.

Overall, the products, specifically the eyeliner, was a bit hard at first so, I had to break it in (as with any product), by using it a few times. The lipstick was great and offered an intense shade, but I had to tone it down some. I really liked how the lipstick moisturized my lips. I’d definitely recommend the products as they’re affordable and can get the job done. Just make sure to keep your mirror handy to make sure your eyeliner is in place by midday. 
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