Cowboy Prostitutes Bring Pure Sweat and Rock N’ Roll to Live Shows

Cowboy Prostitutes can’t seem to place themselves in the proper category but when you narrow it down and listen to their tunes, you get socked in the face with their modern sleazy rock n’ roll attitude, heavy metal adrenaline and punk aggression. Taking time out, Luca Isabelle spared some time to about the band’s formation, newest release and upcoming plans.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Cowboy Prostitutes and how long has the band been together?

Luca: I play bass and sing the lead vocals. Cowboy Prostitutes has existed in different forms since 2003 (give and take). Me and guitarist Tobbe Johansson are the longest lasting members (so far).

2. Where’s the band from and what’s the music scene like there, any bands you’d recommend?

Luca: We’re from Sweden and the scene here is pretty big (for such a small country). Therefore recommending good bands is very difficult. There’s way too many of them… I can give you the name of my favorite: The Accidents, great Rock’n’Roll band with 100% pure” fuck you” attitude.

3. Is there a story or concept behind the title “Let Me Have Your Heart”?

Luca: The thing is, we had just recorded this album and started brain storming ourselves with all possible names… but nothing really worked, you know… Then one night I just couldn’t sleep and while I was laying in my bed I started to think for the fifth million time that day what name to give our album and then I thought: we have really put our hearts into this… and I wish the people that listen will understand that and give us their heart back… sort of an “heart exchange”… and then I had this “vision” of the cover (the cowgirl holding a bleeding heart)plus the name “Let me have your heart “and I thought: this is gonna kick major ass. So, I called the rest of the guys in the morning and they all loved the idea. The funny thing is that at the end of September, three months after my “vision”, I go and buy the new Alice in Chains album (which by the way made me cry – so fucking good it is!!!) and what do I see when I open the booklet: the picture of a woman holding a blood dripping heart, just like our cover has!!!! How’s that for a coincidence? I just hope that will bring us luck…

4. With so many rock/metal/punk bands out there, what do you think makes Cowboy Prostitutes stand out from the crowd?

Luca: My bad mouth! Well that too – but mostly, I think it is our honest view to Rock’n’Roll… I mean, we know we’re not inventing anything new. And we don’t want to either! We just want to Rock like madmen.

5. What can briefly be said about your latest music video for “Pirate Town”?

Luca: We all got extremely drunk while filming it. Some of us got arrested right after. It brought the attention of some influential people here in Europe. But mostly, it was a BLAST!

6. You’ve currently got a handful of dates coming up, what can we expect to see from those performances?

Luca: A true Rock band. No fancy shit. No special effects. Just sweat and Rock’n’Roll. And some bad words from my part… I just can’t help it… and lots of spitting… can’t help that either.

7. Do you consider Cowboy Prostitutes to be a Christian band? Do you feel affiliated in any way to this term?

Luca: We’re a Rock band and that’s the only thing we believe in… When I was 11 years old I told the priest in my neighborhood’s church to put his religion up his ass and that was the beginning of my “spiritual” freedom… I’ve never looked back.

8. What can one expect from a live Cowboy Prostitutes show?

Luca: Well, don’t expect any prostitutes (unless you’re bringing your own) and you might end up buying us alcohol…

9. Will the Cowboy Prostitutes be playing in the U.S. anytime soon?

Luca: We want to… we really want to. We just need to find the right person to bring us there… we had offers in the past but it was all so shaky… States are so far away we don’t really wanna find ourselves stranded there with no money and canceled gigs ‘cause we trusted some dodgy promoter. So if you know any decent one… bring it!

10. What would you like a listener to remember the mot after hearing “Let Me Have Your Heart” all the way through for the first time?

Luca: The sweet taste of a cold beer.

11. Have any plans for the remainder of this year, and what should we expect from you come next year?

Luca: The rest of the year will probably be quiet (we are already writing new songs though)… but for 2010 I want to be on the road as much as possible. And hopefully come to the States too!

12. Any final words of wisdom?

Luca: Don’t shoot the horse down before it has run the race.

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Natalie Perez has been a Music/Entertainment Journalist for 7 years now having first started out with her middle and high school newspapers. She now writes for a handful of various online and print publications.

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