L.A. Fashion Week Recap: LAVUK’s Infinity Fall Collection


On Friday, LAVUK’s fall 2011 collection, Infinity,” displayed sharp lines with an art deco influence consisting of symmetry with crisp angles. On the L.A. Fashion Week runway at ACE Gallery, we saw Tibetan influences including power orange, deep purple, natural and silver to a royal richness in old gold and deep navy.

LAVUK is an eco-friendly line made in Los Angeles. Their designs blend classic silhouettes with futuristic looks so that styles are timeless but fashion-forward. The goal is to create unusual and constructed looks from simple, comfortable materials that appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

LAVUK clothing is sweatshop free and made locally in Los Angeles with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, tencel, hemp and dead stock silks. Their pieces are multi-functional, with subtle details that allow for alternate ways of styling each garment.

For every LAVUK garment purchased, a tree is planted through American Forests as part of the California Wildfire ReLeaf program.

All photos by Markus Alexander

Party people at the LAVUK fashion show:

For more information, visit:

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