Electronic Dance Music Hits Physical High Notes at FLUXX San Diego

FLUXX is considered to be San Diego’s premiere venue that caters to an upscale and sophisticated audience, from its draw of celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Mike The Situation, Pamela Anderson and Brody Jenner just to name a few. The Jet-Set decor itself complete with a model airplane, flight attendant dressed bartenders and a 360° layout of VIP tables definitely caters to a unique sense of the “Fabulous Life”. The opening acts for the electrifying night of February 17th include Dj Jason Ross and Cowboy Mike whom both happen to be San Diego locals opened and carried their own in terms of keeping the crowd in motion, inclusive of the predictable fist pumps. And perhaps to many people’s surprise, the world’s 5th rank trance Dj’s Above & Beyond hit the tables at precisely 11:30 p.m. leaving plenty of time for the night to continue in its full-bodied tone.

Trade in the elaborate getups, miscellaneous hallucinogens and glow sticks for black blazers, free-flowing bottles of Dom and high-priced camera phones and you can picture the scene for Electronic Dance Music or EDM for short at FLUXX. Combine panache with the thriving vibrations, of say, the music you just so happen to love and you have a recipe for a great time. The energy started out high with a constant flow of lively individuals pouring into the space as if they were on a pilgrimage to some musical holy land. The first few entrants rushed the dance-floor immediately upon arrival and the overall vibe of the club seemed to build and eventually climax with the set of Above & Beyond. The crowd was predominately male, with various mixes of well-dressed entourages, including the aforementioned blazers along with the occasional pair of Chuck Taylors.

The ambiance, while flashy in some regards and more laid back in others (chucks), there seemed to be a simplicity to the overall vibe which reflected a basic appreciation for the music and the Dj’s. The music appeared to bring life and optimism to an already glamorous environment; contributing to an experience of extreme sensory indulgence. The deep bass, which mimicked a racing heartbeat, seemed to draw you in emotionally, while the light production stimulated ones almost primitive affinity to bright colors and drama, think: “The Northern Lights” above Alaska or Norway. Not for the faint at heart, but definitely for those who love to have an amazing time regardless of ones attire or fondness of expensive champagne.

In terms of what this occasion seemed to draw out of the crowd, there was a sense of love, passion and community that collectively brought a variety of people together. One attendee’s shirt seemed to articulate the essence of the night using the simple phrase: “One life, One moment, One movement.” With this quote’s spiritual and uplifting leanings, along with the fact that in large and small ways we, as well as music are constantly evolving, it’s a wonder what we will change into next. Given the progression of the Electronic Music scene from one of more casualness to a new height of sophistication, it serves to make one wonder if EDM will eventually stand for: “Electronica Demands Manolos”. Fit for any fashionista and electronica fan at heart, it doesn’t hurt to hope: all in all this is one life, one moment, one movement, why not dream big?

If you enjoyed this review, check out our interview with Cowboy Mike:


About the Author

Kania Hayes is a graduate of Pitzer College and enjoys writing so much that she actually wrote a screenplay in one night. She currently works for FlawLes Media and Events and in her spare time delights in meditation, Trance music and shopping.

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