Live Review: David Guetta @ The Hollywood Palladium

The Hollywood Palladium was sold out Saturday night as fans flocked to hear David Guetta’s bass thumping beats. A handful of unfortunate fans were turned away from the venue for having counterfeit tickets, which were purchased for $100 each. Those with legit tickets were able to enjoy the sounds of David Guetta, Manufactured Superstars and Joaquin Bamaca. Even Black Eyed Peas’ members and Apl de Ap made a cameo joining Guetta onstage.

Inside the Palladium, Joaquin Bamaca and Manufactured Superstars opened the show each spinning two-hour sets, playing Top 40 hits to get the crowd warmed up for Guetta. We saw light shows both on the large LED screen as well as from intoxicated attendees wanting to really “feel” the music. As with any rave, the music wasn’t the only thing attendees were feeling as they massaged each other and huddled in cuddle puddles. The show was actually a bit tame compared to the likes of Monster Massive or the Electric Daisy Carnival. Regardless, party-goers enjoyed the night and danced for hours on end.

DJ’s took the crowd on an emotional, high-energy journey with slow beats that progressively escalated to fast, loud and in your face house music. The crowd was engaged and sang along with arms in the air to popular songs.

As soon as David Guetta hit the stage at midnight, the crowd screamed in excitement. Before playing, “Getting Over You,” his latest, popular track, he told the crowd,

“I’m so happy to be here tonight. You have no idea. So listen, I’ve been on tour in South America playing every night in a stadium for three weeks. Tonight is my last night and I’m ready to party. I’m ready to celebrate. I’m ready to get drunk. I’m ready to get crazy and all I want to know is, are you ready to party?”

Guetta pumped up the crowd doing fist pumps of his own.

If you were unable to attend the show, here’s a snippet of the beginning of Guetta’s performance.

His set was complete with robots on stilts shooting laser beams into the audience.

We even heard a “Like a G6” Far East Movement mix:

We also heard Flo Ridas’ “Can’t Handle Me” mix:

The crowd sang in unison to, “Time of My Life” (Black Eyed Peas version):

One of the highlights was when Black Eyed Peas member Apl de Ap performed “The Dirty Bit” with Guetta.

Fortunately, the show was energetic and party-goers in the crowd were amped. The DJ’s definitely played up the progressive moments, especially Guetta, who never let down the high-energy beats. If you were “raving” that night, then the music definitely played to your emotions. For those that were there to hear Guetta’s biggest radio hits, you were probably disappointed because they weren’t played back to back, but rather spread out throughout a course of hours. In between his mainstream radio hits, house music was played. Although we felt like the night was dragging a bit, having been on our feet since 7:30pm, we were amazed at how enthused and relentless the crowd was. Guetta was definitely the main catalyst in creating the party atmosphere that night.

All photos by Markus Biegel

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