BellaSole Shoes Rescue Women from Painful Heels

Identification, check.
Debit card, check.
Lip gloss, check.
Cell phone, check.
This is every girl’s mental checklist before going out for a night on the town. Now, however, thanks to BellaSole Shoes this essential list just got an addition with their portable shoes.

BellaSole packaging

Portable shoes? Yes, portable shoes for the end of the evening when you can’t imagine taking even one more step in those stilettos. Every girl is guilty of convincing herself that those 5 inch heels (ever notice how this word is so closely spelled to hell?) are the right accessory choice, but by the end of the evening cursing herself and swearing to never make this decision again.

Well, now you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for glamour! The owner and brainchild of BellaSole Shoes, Tina Wong, was inspired by too many nights of hobbling home after a long night out in impossible shoes. How she longed for a more comfortable pair, if only to wear between leaving the club and her front door. Challenged with not much real estate of a small clutch and barely there dress to stash an extra pair of shoes she had an epiphany—foldable compact shoes!

BellaSole Shoes are light and extremely small and come in their own cute wristlet convenient for stashing in your favorite evening bag. They will be your new best friend at the end of the evening when your feet feel like you are walking on daggers. Bella Soles shape is simple and classic and they come in four colors: Chat Noir, Chrome, Shiny Penny and Smoking Gun.

Shoes in a clutch

As a busy girl with an even busier social calendar my feet have been extremely abused over the years, despite weekly pedicures. Whether running to the office, happy hour, a date, or an outing with friends I always insist on wearing shoes that take my average height to one that could rival that of even a super model. So when I heard about Bella Soles I knew my prayers had been answered.

I conveniently ordered them online at BellaSole Shoes and they arrived within a few days. I love getting packages in the mail and especially when they arrive in fashion with zebra print tissue paper! I knew they would be compact but they were even smaller and more lightweight than I had anticipated and came in their very own black wristlet that could also stash your cell phone and lip gloss. I didn’t waste much time trying them out either, I called my girlfriends and organized a spontaneous evening of cocktails and dancing. I stepped out in my favorite pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels that have less than a square inch of leather to precariously keep my feet in contact with a 3½” inch heel – oh the things we do for fashion!
After an evening filled with libations and getting our boogie on out on the dance floor my tootsies were starting to get that oh so familiar ache….

Then, feeling like Houdini, I pulled my Bella Soles out of my small clutch and although I was transformed back to the height I was intended to be, my feet sighed with relief. The normal feeling that the walk back to my car induces was replaced with a delightful new found spring in my step. I made the jaunt back to the car and eventually back home with ease thanks to Bella Soles! We are all guilty of risking our health walking barefoot when we just can’t muster another step in our heels, but Bella Soles will come to your rescue. I’m sure Brittany Spears wishes she had owned a pair of these when those unflattering photos of her barefoot in the gas station bathroom popped up in the tabloids!

I would recommend these fabulous new must have accessory to any girl who has ever suffered from a night on the town and then swore up and down she will wear tennis shoes the next time she goes out. Of course, one always finds herself in the same predicament the next weekend so why not do the smart thing instead and try on some Bella Soles and skip that painful long walk to the car.

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  1. BellaSole Loves Disarray! Don't forget to “Walk Responsibly” and wear your BellaSoles when 5-inch-high-fashion hurts! Ciao my Bellas!


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