Live Review: Wicker at the Maloof Money Cup

Wicker performed at the Maloof Money Cup Village Stage last Sunday. The band combined electro-trash beats, rock riffs and elements of hip-hop, spitting lyrics as fast as Zach De La Rocha. If Mindless Self Indulgence had a hotter, younger and more energetic cousin, we’d call ’em Wicker.

For those who are unfamiliar with the band, you won’t be for long considering Wicker has been playing the Los Angeles circuit and even made several cameos on a popular E! Entertainment reality show called, “Pretty Wild.”

Stand-out songs from the event included the party anthem, “People Go Crazy.” Other notable songs included “Fight Back,” and a new track titled, “Hooligans.” To hear what these guys sound like, take a listen below:

We snapped some shots of the band as they performed to a crowd of enthusiastic and energetic fairgoers.

If you want to catch these guys in action, check them out at the Sunset Strip Music Festival:

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