Live Review: Rae @ Les Deux

Rae rocked the packed Les Deux Wednesday night singing catchy tunes and delivering sultry sex appeal to the stage. The singer’s stage presence captivated club-goers as they watched the band perform notable songs including the ever-so-catchy and upbeat pop-tune titled, “Outta My Way.” (This song has been stuck in our head for days now).

Another notable song performed was the ultra catchy song, “Liberty,” where Rae jumped up and down while interacting with the audience. Her powerful vocals and energetic stage antics definitely enticed the crowd to get in on the action.

During the song, “Goodbye,” Jarvis Anderson of Iglu & Hartly joined Rae on stage to sing the slow-paced ballad. Audience members put their hands in the air for this song.

For more photos, check out our full coverage in the slide show below:

In attendance, we spotted Seth “Shifty” Binzer of Crazytown and Jarvis Anderson of Iglu & Hartly.

To hear a few tunes from the sexy singer, listen below: 

All photos by Markus Biegel/Disarray Magazine

Check out our interview with RAE: Q & A with Los Angeles Singer Rae

Were you at this show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section! 

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