Live Review: Francis and the Lights at The Echo in L.A.

If you were driving by The Echo on Sunset Blvd. Friday night and noticed a long line outside of the venue, you can blame Francis and the Lights for distracting you. The band attracted a diverse crowd that anxiously waited to watch the fancy footwork of front man Francis Starlite. Everybody from hipsters to hip hop fans were in attendance and as soon as the band began playing, fans danced wildly along with Starlite.

Band members walked onstage with shades on and immediately began playing songs from their latest album titled, It’ll Be Better. For those who don’t know what these guys sound like, take Prince’s high pitched croons, add a hint of Phil Collins’ smooth vocals and combine the erratic behavior of Seinfeld’s Kramer and you have the recipe for an entertaining show.  Notable performances include “For Days,” “Knees to the Floor,” “Going Out,” “It’ll Be Better” and “The Top.” Face it, it’s rare for a band to sound just as good as their album, if not better. This happens to be the case when it comes to Francis and the Lights.

Having seen this band in concert for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised and amused by the passion and emotion put into every tune. Keyboardist Jake Schreier looked sharp and stoic in his suit as he rocked out onstage. Guitarist Jake Rabinbach played the calm, cool and collected rockstar who exhibited confidence without trying too hard. Drummer Rene Soloman was on point throughout the entire night and at one point, someone in the crowd yelled, “You’re so hot!” as he walked off the stage. The band was entertaining and got people dancing. Without a doubt,  these guys are worth traveling for and are definitely worth every penny.

If you haven’t seen these guys live, I can assure you that their live performances are filled with energetic dance moves, tambourines, keyboard solos and once you listen to the album on your way home, you’ll realize that this band is better to watch live.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you missed:

Let’s not forget about Teen Inc., who opened up delivering funky music with intense bass lines and vocals reminiscent of Prince with a touch of Chromeo. Dressed like characters from Revenge of the Nerds, these guys proved to be far from uncool. With tight pants paired with tucked in shirts, the band’s music impressed all in attendance. For more information on Teen Inc, visit: 

Were you at this show? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

Check out keyboardist Jake Schreire as the “Puppet Rapist” courtesy of Waverly Films.

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