DJ Interview Series: DJ Nova Jade, Immersed in Music for Over 20 Years

Tera “Nova Jade” Greene has been immersed in music since she was 6-years-old. We took time to find out about her past, present and where she plans to be in the future. Read on to learn more about DJ Nova Jade.

1.) Where you have been:

As the host of DJ Nova Jade’s HodgePodge Consortium Show podcast, I’ve technically been around the world since 2006. Locally, I have been the DJ for large festivals, including the Serafemme Women’s Music Festival (2005-2009), CSW (LA) Pride, and both the Los Angeles and West Hollywood Dyke Marches. I have been a guest DJ on Radio Free Sonoma SF, Oran Z’s 87.7 FM, and LA Talk Radio. I have DJ’d at the House of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood, CA; Czar (Imperial Theatre) in Ybor City, FL, and countless other venues. Aside from private parties, college parties (USC; Table Manners (Pomona College), weddings and high-end private events. I have also held residencies at numerous clubs, and fitness centers (Groove Fitness, Crunch Fitness).

As a music producer/composer, I have composed an-hour long dance-opera piece that premiered at the University of South Florida in 2009 called Peace Piece. I have produced music for indie artists and for myself as a singer-songwriter/performance artist. I have been the music supervisor/remixer for many film projects and independent artists, as well. Currently, I am also a voice to major record labels for their new/un-released/almost-released music. I provide the feedback directly to them as a member of Next Music Group, which is based in Los Angeles, CA. So, in conclusion, I’ve been everywhere.

2.) Where you are going:
To infinity and beyond. My goals and aspirations include: San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, Tokyo, Italy, Amsterdam, Israel (Tel Aviv), New York, Colorado, your place, her place, his place, that event, that other event, and more.
3.) How did you get started:
I’ve been making, performing, playing and supervising/remixing music for over 20 years. I started playing the concert flute at the age of 6 and played in numerous concert/marching band ensembles for 10 years year-round. I’ve been writing lyrics and music since forever, and really started taking singing as a serious professional talent in the year 2000. My first self-produced, independent album came about the same time. I officially started DJ’ing in 2003, straight out of a Numark DJ-in-the-box set after I was given the gift on my birthday by my father. I started going to raves/underground parties in 1996. I used to eat sheet music as a baby in the studio when my father would take me to sessions and I know I was rockin’ out to beats in the womb. I got started because it was meant to be.
4.)What is the most outlandish thing you have seen in a club:
Too many stories to count!
5.)DJ’s-What you would never spin:
Anything that my ears can’t personally stand. I don’t care how “popular” it is. I have a broad understanding and appreciation of all sorts of music, but within that broad perspective. I also know when something is just a waste of my time.
6.)Dumb questions people ask:
Really, I just can’t stand requests, though I’m open to them to a certain extent and when it’s that kind of party.
7.)Your favorite DJ or music:
Funky/Tech/Fidget House is what I dig, but as I’ve mentioned, my background is music, so as long as it’s good, it’s good. Same thing goes for DJs. Original influences include Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Westbam, Sandra Collins and Reid Speed. And Queen Latifah. Though she’s not a DJ, she’s definitely influenced me since I was a kid. Currently, I’m influenced by whomever moves me, even the people livin’ on the streets who hold up signs and tell people to keep smilin’.
8.)Best job ever:
Every job I’ve done has been the best, and it just keeps getting bigger and better. Some of my favorite memories are of doing round-robbins and 4x4s with the boys at Table Manners at Pomona College.

9.) Where you will be in 10 years:
10.) Three words that describe you:
Resilient. Loving. Manifestor.
11.)What people would never know about you:
Now, if I start letting the cat out of the bag, that wouldn’t be much fun, would it? I am however, pretty much an open book, so here are a couple random facts: I was a contestant on MTV’s Littlest Talent Show some years back. I ROCKED Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All”. If you can get that tape, then you’re in for a treat. I also was on a show with Ryan Seacrest as the host in the 90s called “Total Rush”, wherein I got to meet and swim with my Idol swimmer, Janet Evans, at the Rose Bowl pool in Pasadena, CA. I was in 6th or 7th grade, and appreciatively had Ms. Evans routin’ me on to go to the Olympics when I got old enough. I always wonder if I’d kept up swimming, if I’d have a gold medal already…
12.) If you weren’t a DJ/Club PR, you would be:
Still awesome.
13.)What you do for fun:
Whatever I’m feeling.
14.)Contact Info:
Tera “Nova Jade* Greene.

About the Author

Kimberly Fisher is a freelance writer based in Manhattan Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV. She specializes in travel and lifestyle trends. Born with restless feet, she enjoys traveling and is always on the lookout for a new experience. So far she has traveled to over 37 countries and almost every US state. Her work has appeared in various English print and online media. Please direct inquiries to:

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