Crush Club Delivers Hip-POP Beats and Fresh Style

When you combine Crush Club’s smooth vocals, pop-electrofunk styles and fast rap flows, you get a musical concoction  that resonates with “cool kids” and dance-party fanatics everywhere. Hailing from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, Crush Club has coined themselves as a “Hip-POP” group delivering bona fide catchy hooks and robo-party beats.

Their debut album titled, Clothesline, Vines and Digital Love contains a handful of upbeat songs that will surely be a staple in everyone’s playlist. Put it this way, if Chromeo, N.E.R.D,  Kanye and Gym Class Heroes had a love-child, they’d name it: CRUSH CLUB.

Disarray Magazine caught up with Dave Sack and Bryce Ross-Johnson to discuss the band’s beginnings, their first album and their plans for the future. Check it out:

Here’s a transcript of the interview: 

Disarray Mag: We’re here with Crush Club. Go ahead and introduce yourselves.

I’m Dave Sack. I’m the DJ.

I’m Bryce Ross and I’m one of the lead singers.

Disarray Mag: Alright, so tell me a little bit about Crush Club.

Bryce: Well, we all go to school together at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Me and our guitar player are the only people that still play what they came to the school for. [Points to Dave] He got in for trumpet, I know that’s really lame, and Nick got in for drums and he hasn’t played drums at all. Let’s see. I walked by Nick’s room, the other lead singer in the band, he makes all the beats. My first semester at Berklee and I heard some music blasting from his room, knocked on the door and I was like, “Hey man, what song is that? I really like it.” He’s like, “Oh it’s something I made.” I’m like really? He invited me in. I was trying to make this Paper Planes remix – it sucked and he started to help me. That’s how we got started making music. Then, Nolan came in and started playing guitar solos because we wanted to do something interesting like hip-hop, electronic music with a little bit of guitar in there, you know? Like N.E.R.D. Then, Dave just finished off the whole thing by playing the music for us. He’s the pause and play button [laughter].

Dave Pretty much. By those standards, I just press play. Pause and play. Stand there, I’m just eye candy. [laughter]

Disarray Mag: So, tell me how you came up with the name Crush Club?

Bryce: It was just an idea for a band name that I had a long time ago.

Dave: I was up one night. [laughter]

Bryce: Yeah, seriously. No, when I was little, I was never invited into the club where you had a crush on people. I don’t know, it sounds good and it flows well and people take it however they want. Like one guy… Dre’s producer actually heard a bunch of our stuff and was like, “Man, I really like the name too, like crushing you know what I mean (in like a very parental advisory way) and other people are like, aw you have a crush on people, your hearts crushed. So, it can mean whatever you want. It was just an idea.

Disarray Mag: Alright, how would you describe your sound?

Dave: Hip-POP.

Disarray Mag: Who are some of your major musical influences?

Dave: It’s hard to say but Mos Def, Madlib, MF Doom,

Bryce: [snoring]

Dave Oh, well excuse me.

Bryce: I like B.O.B, Blink 182, Kanye and Lupe Fiasco.

Disarray Mag: Alright, and I know you guys just came out with a new album?

Bryce: Our first one. The name of the album is Clotheslines, Vines and Digital Love. There are 10 songs on it and Nolan, our guitar player actually thought of it, over the summer – We were thinking of album names and we just liked it because it was random, and it seems like it would sound like our CD.

Dave: Like Crush Club.

Bryce: But it turns out, which really freakin’ sucks dude.
[Asks Dave] Did I tell you this?

Dave: No.

Bryce: The Jonas Brothers have a CD called Lines, Vines and Troubled Times and it’s like the same freaking thing! I can’t stand the Jonas Brothers. Oh no! I didn’t say that [laughter]. I didn’t say that all you 13-year-old girls.

Disarray Mag: So, where can we see you guys next? Do you guys have any live shows lined up?

Dave: Ohh…

Bryce: I wish we did. We can’t really book shows four months in advance because we won’t be all together again until summer, but I know for a fact that over the summer we’re going to be going on tour with G-Eazy, a rapper originally from Northern, CA. Hopefully, we’ll get to open for this group in Northern, CA called the Cataracs that we met at CMJ. They’re really good and they have a good buzz up in the Bay area.

Disarray Mag: Is this going to be a national tour or is it just going to be the West Coast?

Bryce: Just CA, just up and down the coast.

Dave: We’re just trying to expand.

Bryce: Yeah, expand the buzz , the vibe.

Disarray Mag: So, where can we find your music?

Dave: Online, Myspace [laughter] iTunes…

Bryce: That’s it, actually.

Dave: Youtube if you want to look at videos of our past shows, dorm videos. There’s a couple acoustic versions of our songs thrown on Youtube. It’s pretty sick.

Both guys: Big shout out to Unified People, G-Eazy and Wreckonomics. Love. Crush Club

Alright, thanks for doing an interview with Disarray Magazine. 

Crush Club Consists of:

: Nicholas Shanholtz :

Vocals, Beats, Production

(Source: DJ Cobo via Crush Club photos)

: Bryce Ross-Johnson :

Vocals, Melodies, Two-Cents

Also Including

: Nolan Lambroza :

Guitar, Backing Vocals, Graphic Design

: David Sack :

DJ, Turntables, Mixing

To find out more about Crush Club, visit:

Catch some Crush Club interview outtakes:

For music samples, check out our favorite tracks:

For a more upbeat sound, “Rock the Night” is sure to entice listeners to bust out with fancy footwork on any dance floor.

About the Author

Formerly an editor and writer at Citysearch, The Examiner, LA Youth Newspaper and proofreader at The Los Angeles Daily News, Christy Buena decided to start Disarray Magazine because she missed writing what she wanted. From hiring writers, to contacting publicists and making assignments, Christy is responsible for the editorial strategy of Disarray Magazine.
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