Peaches Set It Off at the Wiltern with Amanda Blank and Steed Lord

The Wiltern Theatre was definitely the place to be Saturday night as Peaches, Amanda Blank and Steed Lord turned the venue into a huge electrotrash party. Attracting hipsters and flamboyant fans, the Wiltern filled with girls and guys wearing bright outfits, head bands, faux hawks and tight pants. Aside from visually saturated outfits, the show was like a mini-rave where bass thumping beats blasted through the packed venue.

The first act to take the stage was Steed Lord from Iceland. The group consists of M.E.G.A, KALI, DEMO & AC, who hyped up the crowd by dancing and pounding fists in the air to their bass booming beats. If you haven’t seen Steed Lord in concert, here’s what you’re missing out on: powerful vocals, synthesizers and an overall entertaining show.

Onstage, Kali performed in a shiny metallic cape-like outfit that resembled gigantic wings. Check out the concert footage below courtesy of KrysteeClark:

Next up was Amanda Blank who made an entrance wearing a Reaper-like outfit. Once she disrobed, she revealed a sexy bikini-type ensemble. Dancing seductively while spitting out fast rhymes, this group has undeniable skill. Performing everything from hip hop beats to sexy rock anthems, this band is a definite must see. Before performing the song, “DJ,“ Amanda told the audience, “It’s about to get real romantic. This song is dedicated to Anthony, my boo.” Then, she proceeded to sing a song with hypnotizing rhythms. Other notable songs from the night include, “Make It Take It,” and “Lemme Get Some,” to name a few. Without a doubt, Amanda showcases her lyrical skills and can definitely flow.

Here’s footage of Amanda singing both “Make-Up” and “Lemme Get Some” (1:16) courtesy of Krystee Clark:

Before performing the song titled, “A Love Song,” Amanda told the crowd, “This song is for the homos in the crowd ‘cuz I love you too.” Fans screamed and cheered in unison and then Jonny Makeup (American Apparel and TV appearances on reality show Kendra) joined Amanda on stage.

See the footage below courtesy of KrysteeClark:

Finally, it was time for electrotrash badass Peaches and backing band Sweet Machine to take the stage. Making a hairy entrance, Peaches and her band came out wearing huge wigs and underwear, opening the night with the song “Talk to Me.” Underneath the huge wig, Peaches unveiled a bright pink leotard with ruffled sleeves, tights and boots.

Highlights of the show included sheet backdrops and projector images, lasers, blinking vaginas, outrageous outfits, interesting props and the metal intermission during the song, “Shake Yer Dix.” Some of the songs performed include “I Feel Cream,” “I Don’t Want to Lose You,” “More,” “IU She,” “Boys Wanna Be Her,” “Mommy Complex,” “Kick It,” “Rock Show”

Before performing, “Fuck the Pain Away,” Peaches told the crowd, “I want you to be mesmerized by my pussy,” and then showcased a blinking light highlighting her crotch.

Here’s some footage courtesy of lovejunkeedjs:

As the show was coming to a close, the band walked off stage and as people cheered, the band came back out for an encore. With a balloon motorcycle in hand, Peaches performed “Set It Off.” In the middle of the song, Peaches told the crowd to take off their shirts. She explained that the city that had the least shirts on would be coined the “best city.” Minutes later, a sea of shirts were twirling in the air – some ending up onstage. Peaches, started putting on all the shirts and finished the night by saying, “L.A., you made me change my clothes!”

If you have a chance to check out any of the bands on the bill, it’s definitely worth it. For more information on the bands, check out:

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