The Los Angeles Nut Jobs: The Sleeping, Escape the Fate, Atreyu and Hollywood Undead

This is the night you shall learn to regret because tonight is the night of the undead! Hollywood Undead that is and its counter partners, The Sleeping, Escape the Fate, and Atreyu. But why you ask? Let’s just say tonight, a sea of black t-shirts have a hidden feature just waiting to be unleashed…

The night rolled off to an energetic start with The Sleeping’s slow but steady start-up routine as front man Douglas Robinson demanded the crowd to split down the middle and get ready to charge and charge they did as the drums rolled and guitars riffed and soon the whole floor board as at war running straight at one another breaking out into a series of fist fights left and right.

As the band’s torment continued, it soon came to pass as the next round of entertainers hit the stage hard and quick! Las Vegas go getters Escape the Fate came on and were soon gone as their quick and shortened set consisted of the old and new opening with “Situations”, and closing it out with “This War Is Ours”, minus the other noticeable hits “10 Miles Wide”, and “Something”.

The night rolled right along as the second to the last performers broke the silence yet again but getting the entire venue in an uproar of pure energy ten times the force than The Sleeping could attempt. Orange County rowdy rough riders Atreyu took the stage apart in their 30-40 minute set up comprising of just like Escape the Fate’s both the old and new material that the mosh pit clearly approved every step of the way.

Atreyu wrapped it altogether with hits such as “Exs and Ohs”, “Becoming the Bull”, “Gallows”, “Right Side of the Bed”, and “Lip Gloss and Black”, among a handful of others that the crowd gladly sang along to. But now the unleashing was upon us as the clock struck the final call of the night and the forsaken headliners hopped upon the stage in their gangster rap ensemble presenting themselves as of course Hollywood Undead.

These rap star wannabe’s were nothing more than what was just said “wannabes,” hopping up and down upon the stage running around left and right in their formal wear of hoodies and masks, but soon that was disposed of and they wore nothing more than your average casual attire. Now come on fellas, if the metallers of Slipknot can put up with it you should too.

Overall this night was nothing more, nor nothing less than your average sea of black with black being not of that cold heartfelt world of the emo lifestyle, but this pure blackened darkness of gangster rap.

About the Author

Natalie Perez has been a Music/Entertainment Journalist for 7 years now having first started out with her middle and high school newspapers. She now writes for a handful of various online and print publications.

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