10 Creepy Songs for Halloween

Get in the spirit this Halloween with these, dark, haunting songs that are a far cry from the days of “The Monster Mash.” These aren’t your typical Halloween songs, but they will definitely provide a creepy atmosphere for any occasion.

1. “Werewolf,” by Cat Power
Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, covered Michal Hurley’s original version on her album You Are Free, released back in 2003. This song, with its simple guitar and cello combination and Chan’s unique voice truly captures a dark yet lovely tone. This is a must listen on a full moon.

2. “The Artifact and the Living,” by Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)
The Donnie Darko soundtrack is truly a masterpiece for its dark and haunting tunes that seem to match perfectly with the 2001 cult favorite. “The Artifact and the Living” turns up the creep factor with only the sound of a piano that seems to hint on the movie’s theme of paranoia and insanity.

3. “#1 Crush (the remix)” by Garbage
This song was remixed and put on the 1996 Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack and instantly became a hit. Not only are the lyrics dark, Shirley Manson herself is a goddess of darkness and rock, dabbling in drugs and battling depression as a teen. Her experiences in life lead to her career as a quirky lead singer with a talent for writing creepy lyrics.

4. “Tested Dry,” by Jena Malone & Her Bloodstains
If you were wondering, yes, it is in fact Jena Malone the actress. Jena Malone, who appeared in many films such as Donnie Darko, Step Mom, and Into the Wild quietly began a music career in 2007, listing some songs on her Myspace page.

5. “Burn it to the Ground,” by Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)
Here’s another one for you Donnie Darko fans. A close second to this list was “Slipping Away,” but “Burn it to the Ground” provided a more devilish feel to it.

6. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” by Nouvelle Vague
Originally by Bauhaus, Nouvelle Vague did what they do best and covered it in their own unique way. The airy female vocals and strong musical arrangement only add to the darkness of the lyrics.

7. “Operate,” by Peaches (Mean Girls Soundtrack)
Mean Girls fans rejoice-this one is for you. This song is not only creepy but fun and easy to dance to-a nice break from most of the slow songs on this list.

8. “Wandering Star,” by Portishead
Portishead is a great listen if you’re in a chill out mood. Another one of their songs, “Scorn,” was featured on the wickedly good 90s movie The Craft soundtrack.

9. “Four o Clock in the Morning,” by Prima Donnas
The lyrics to this one are truly dark. With its references to necrophilia (look it up if you don’t know what it is), this unlisted track on their album Drugs, Sex and Discotheques is just one of the many catchy and creepy tracks. The creepiest thing about this song isn’t just the lyrics, it’s that you’ll find yourself singing and dancing along.

10. “Refur,” by Sigur Ros
This is another instrumental, but definitely one of the creepiest on the list. It’s almost childlike with its simplicity and softness, but sometimes less is more. Somehow this turns to a feeling of psychosis and suffocation, turning it into a soundtrack for madness.

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About the Author
Crissy Done graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s in English and a strong desire to write. Her passions include fashion, beauty, music and travel. She hopes to one day become a successful and published author.

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