Interview With Speaker Junkies

If you think you don’t like the electronic-dance scene, think again: the Speaker Junkies are here to change your mind. Hollywood was electrified by the Speaker Junkies last Wednesday night at Les Deux as the tight knit foursome performed songs from their upcoming self-titled album “Speaker Junkies.” Tekno Tom (Keytar), Rezn (Synth/Vocals), Tempo (Drums) and Summer Daniels (Lead Vocals) caught everyone’s attention with their LIVE, high energy electronic/dance/pop performance. With their underground, catchy sound and mainstream appeal, the Speaker Junkies are truly a unique group to watch out for. Check out the interview conducted with all members, including guest performer Walter, AKA Kan’t Ghit Right.
1. What made you guys go into electronic/dance music?
Tom: Well we started back in 1999 when I was introduced to it by my cousin Rezn. We used to do synth-pop, but that kind of music wasn’t too popular anymore so he introduced me to trance and house music. We had all this equipment so we decided to try trance/electronic live as a band.
2. So what made you guys go live? What makes it different than just hearing a pre-recorded track?
Tempo: Being live makes us different. I mean, how many bands can say they perform live electro-dance music? We found a niche, and that makes us stand out.
3. So Summer, how did you meet up with these guys?
Summer: I actually met them through a friend. I had heard they were looking for a girl for the band so I ended up meeting with them at the studio to record some stuff. It sounded really good and it was pretty much love at first sight.
4. How would you describe your upcoming, self-titled album set you’ll be releasing in October?
Tom: It’s a blend of electro-house pop with a little twist.
Tempo: We like artists like Deadmau5 and No Doubt, so that influences our style.
Summer: I’m kind of like an electro Gwen Stefani.
Rezn: Put No Doubt, Deadmau5, and Lady Gaga in a blender and you got the Speaker Junkies.
5. I like that blend. So I was looking on your website and I saw that you performed with a lot of different artists. Which were your favorites to work with?
Tempo: Sublime, Snoop Dog-
Tom: Probably the biggest band we have performed with recently would be LMFAO. They’re the ones that are really blowing up the radio stations right now.
6. So where do you see yourselves in five years?
Rezn: Turning this into a full time career. Music is all of our passions and we love performing together. We hope to hit the mainstream crowd with our sound. Being underground trance/electronic is cool, but it’s not going to get you any radio time. Incorporating Summer as our front-woman was the edge we needed and it’s brought this band to a whole new level.
Tempo: MTV, radio, touring the world. We want to show the world that electronic music isn’t just spun by DJ’s: it can be performed live by bands like us.
7. Summer, I’ve heard you are also a model/actress. What’s going to happen to the band if you land a huge gig with your other interests?
Summer: Well I’ve done a lot of work with acting and modeling, but the band is my first priority. They are like my family, and family always comes first to me. If I have some free time from recording and performing then of course I’ll do some other gigs, but nothing that would interfere with the band.
8. Tom, how long did it take to learn the keytar?
Tom: It was pretty easy coming from my piano background. I just had to take away my left hand. Ha!
9. Love the keytar. So Walter, AKA Kan’t Ghit Right, how would you describe your style?
Walter: I usually just rap, but I’ve been doing more electro stuff since I met the Speaker Junkies.
10. What are you guys trying to accomplish with your music?
Tempo: Just do what we love: make music.
Summer: We want people to enjoy our music, play our music, dance to our music, have sex to our music…everything! We want the whole world to hear us and love us.
11. One last question: where do you guys consider the best place to perform?
Tempo: Everywhere!
Rezn: Anywhere. As long as we have each other it doesn’t matter where we are.
Tempo: If it’s a dead crowd, a full crowd, it doesn’t matter because we still have fun.
Summer: These are all my big brothers. They have my back no matter what. It’s always fun anytime I get to hang out with them, perform with them or record with them.
12. Will we be seeing any new music videos?
Summer: We are shooting a music video in October. It’s going to be a crazy shoot, lots of fun. You will be able to check it out on Youtube and other online video sites. There’s also behind the scene footage of the 944 Magazine shoot available to watch.
13. Any last words for the night?
Rezn: We have a new album that’s not released yet but we are shooting for October.
Tempo: We just hope that everyone enjoys our music, and if you do-we love you!
For more information on the Speaker Junkies, check out their Myspace page or website:
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