Live Review: Iglu & Hartly @ The Music Box

Iglu & Hartly performed at the Music Box Friday night as part of the Bikini Rock Fashion Show. The band rocked the stage performing songs from their latest album, “& Then Boom.” It was clear that the audience was unfamiliar with the band as they gazed at the stage bewildered and motionless while the band played popular songs like, “Violent & Young,” “In This City,” “Whatever We Like” and the upbeat and catchy, “DayGlo.” The band even debuted a new song titled, “Hearts Bleeding on the Highway.”

Having seen the band live at the Sunset Strip Music Festival last year, one thing is clear: Iglu & Hartly can get a crowd moving, but unfortunately, the fashionistas on Friday night were just not “feeling it.”  What do they know anyway? We at Disarray Magazine dig good music and we highly recommend Iglu & Hartly.

Check out Iglu & Hartly  perform for a great cause: Gulf Coast Benefit July 1 in the South Bay.

We were able to snap a few shots for Iglu & Hartly fans:

We caught the band at the Sunset Strip Music Festival where they performed “In This City” at the Viper Room:

EXCLUSIVE Backstage Access & Interview! Check out Iglu&Hartly warming up before their performance:

Were you at this show? What did you think of Iglu & Hartly’s performance? 

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