Cha Cha Lounge –A Whirlwind of Beauty With Or Without Beer Goggles

Tonight, I’m a night stalker instead of a regular at the Silverlake “Cha Cha Lounge,” which is always so fashionable to be seen at. Let’s discuss image. For example, I’m hidden at Silverlake Coffee where I attend as often as not being able to steal internet from my upstairs neighbor, Edwin. Like most status-effective night hangouts in Los Angeles, I am not dressed appropriately to be seen anywhere in this city, but what better way to peek than to be completely undesirable for even the desperate to take for free?

The tiki/dive bar merges an eclectic range of confused, driven wanderers through its guarded and armored threshold. As you take the steps nearing it, it is only an initiation rite to be judged by stamped smokers, and stared at sympathetically by the others waiting to be let in. Once, the gap has been bridged, we adjust to the dim red lights, focus and see the simplicity in all the gallantly dressed LA hipsters and become one of them. The contrast between the typical LA architectural boxed building and the thousands of Halloween objects that have been accumulated since we were kids are blatantly placed to hide the quaint box in a way to ironically resemble self-decorating vomit. A once genius way to lose cool friends, this public blunder seems to be only a tiny one.

Besides the beautiful customers, questionable assortment of objects, and disappointing music (not bad, just clashing), the very reasonably priced booze bar keeps me happily entertained.

Happy hour: two for $5.00 wells, $2.50 PBR, and $3.00 whiskey on the rocks. That alone added another vice to the list that I already own.

Cha Cha Lounge
2375 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 660-7595

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