How Much of Haunted Los Angeles Can You See in One Day?

Contribution from Freelance Write Jenny Holt

As a devotee of black and white horror movies, the first thing I had to do after moving to LA with my hubby, was to see Boris Karloff’s Rose Garden and Bela Lugosi’s Apartment. Most people go to Hollywood Avenue, Sunset Strip, Venice Beach or the Egyptian Theater, but for me, these were the go-to places.

Karloff’s Rose Garden did not disappoint. Set in leafy Bowmont Drive, it reminds you that as well as being the iconic Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy, Karloff was also a keen gardener. He was also known for his sense of the macabre. This is best shown by his decision to scatter his friends’ ashes, at their request, among the hauntingly beautiful roses.

This is not the only haunted place in LA and not the only one with a Hollywood connection – after all, there is a reason why they made the House of Wax movies with hauntings a plenty at the Hollywood Wax Museum. If you’d like to know more, I have written a guide to the 13 insanely haunted sites in LA.

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