Artist Spotlight: Meet GRiZ – DJ + Classically-Trained Saxophone Player

DJs are cool, but DJs who play live instruments are even cooler. Meet Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ)- a 23-year-old producer, DJ and classically-trained saxaphone player. He just dropped his very first official music video “Smash The Funk”, complete with lots of bass, brass, and gunz.

In one year Grant went from playing college house parties to touring with Bassnectar and Pretty Lights, selling out Red Rocks and headlining a national tour, which kicks off next month. He’s coming out with his sophomore LP “Rebel Era” which will be available September for free download via

Watch GRiZ’s first music video here:

Complete with stunning live visuals resembling sweeping mountain views, irresistible melodies poured over with gleaming sax and jacking rhythms, and intimate, honest conversation woven throughout, “Smash the Funk” serves as an intimate portrait of GRiZ. As premiered one year after his Mad Liberation LP released for free download via, the clip follows Grant around as he navigates three sold-out shows in Colorado following his move to the Rock Mountain Empire one year ago, rare moments relaxing with his crew and the countless, strenuous hours put into crafting his upcoming album due out this September.

Grant says of the video, “This video is a look into my brief voyage as an artist and also behind the scenes of 3 sold out Colorado shows (boulder, Denver, and red rocks). I also wanted to do something completely different and have fun with the video so I took some old gear that had seen its day and retired it to the shooting range (it looks pretty badass in slow motion). I also talk a bit about what music means to me and where I have come from. Nearing the first anniversary of my debut album ‘Mad Liberation’ I wanted to release this video that has been a journey itself to create.”

Keep an eye out for this one — he looks like Chromeo but I see GRiZ being the next A-Trak. Only cooler, because of the live instrument thing.

Listen to his tunes:

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