Denim of Virtue Takes L.A. Fashion Week Runway

L.A. Fashion Weekend kicked off day one of its three day event at Sunset Gower Studios Friday night showcasing Denim of Virtue jeans. Erik Estrada and Ron Jeremy were in attendance. Before the fashion show, we hung out with Elizabeth Bae, president and creative director of the clothing company.

Ron Jeremy

Elizabeth Bae

Bae, the young face behind the line, could easily be mistaken as one of the models. When asked if she was excited to step onto the runway after her line’s debut, Bae seemed timid. Who wouldn’t be? As we sipped our drinks from the open bar and watched as Ron Jeremy made his way through the venue, an excited Bae explained that her line has been around for about five years. When asked about her motivations for starting the line, she responded, “I was born into it.”

Elizabeth Bae

Denim of Virtue is not a bad thing to be “born into.” The line has a long list of celebrities who’ve been spotted wearing DOV jeans, including Kristen Stewart, Mary Kate Olsen, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff, among others.

It wasn’t long before an announcement instructed everyone to take their seats as the fashion show was about to begin. First on the runway, Denim of Virtue.

Some of our favorite looks include:

Elizabeth Bae of Denim of Virtue

For more information on Denim of Virtue, visit:

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