Brief Interview with Afternoon Brother

Sacramento natives, Afternoon Brother, sat down for a brief interview with Disarray Magazine’s Eric Mora before their performance at The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles. For the concert review, check out: 60 Watt Kid, Afternoon Brother, and Mason Lindahl Rock The Smell

Disarray Mag: So we’re here with Afternoon Brother, where are you guys based from?

Afternoon Brother: Well we’re from Sacramento and have been playing for 3 years together now.

Disarray Mag: What are your guys’ influences or what have you been listening to?

Afternoon Brother: Well we listen to New Radicals and our own music, you know, so we can improve on it.

Disarray Mag: How did you go about recording your album?

Afternoon Brother: Well we used an 8 track and had Greg Hagel produce the album, yeah Micheal also has a solo album and so does Mason.

Disarray Mag: If you had a catchphrase what would it be?

Afternoon Brother: Well we wrote these really cool lyrics that would best describe us. “I transcended before you, go on girl yes you do baby.”

For more info on the band, check them out at:

About the Author
Eric Mora is a Los Angeles based Film Composer/guitarist and specializes in music. He hopes to one day become a powerhouse of film scoring. Always up for something new he is always looking to see what new sounds are out there. To contact Eric, you can email him at

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