Chelsea Girls Playing the Best Songs They Never Wrote

Combine four musically talented blond bombshells performing the best rock songs and you’ve got the Chelsea Girls, a Los Angeles cover band that is lighting up the Hollywood scene. The Chelsea Girls deliver powerful vocals, wailing guitar riffs accompanied by intense bass lines and heart pounding drum beats. These ladies play hard with their sexy stage swagger and their ability to replicate some of the hardest rock songs performed by legendary bands including Motley Crue, AC/DC, Dio and Metallica, to name a few.
It’s no surprise these women dominate the stage given their talented backgrounds. The band consists of drummer Sam Maloney, whose performed with Peaches, Motley Crue and Hole, guitarist Allison Robertson of the Donnas, bassist Corey Parks – formerly in Nashville Pussy and vocalist Tuesdae, a world famous DJ and former Playboy model.
Opening for Motorhead at Club Nokia, the Chelsea Girls impressed a predominantly male audience as they opened their set with “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC. Fans sang along and pumped fists into their air as Tuesdae belted out lyrics using her opera trained vocals. The next song performed by the Chelsea Girls was a testosterone anthem by Judas Priest titled, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” where Robertson rocked her guitar solo and Tuesdae crawled onstage seductively. After the band’s Judas Priest cover, concert goers clapped and whistled and as soon as the intro to Danzig’s “Mother” played, fans cheered in excitement. During the band’s next cover, Blaine Cartwright joined the band onstage to perform, Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.” One of the highlights of the show was when the Chelsea Girls performed Dio’s “Holy Driver” and brought a sword onstage, reminiscent of the original music video. Next on the set list was Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” where Robertson and Parks nailed the introduction causing newfound fans to shout and cheer. Closing up their performance, the Chelsea Girls went out with a bang as they performed Motley Crue’s “Live Wire” where Parks and Tuesdae gave male fans something to think about: Tuesdae licking Parks’ bass strings.
Watch one concert and you’ll witness why the foursome leaves audience members in amazement. Unlike other cover bands that exude cheesiness reminiscent of drunken Karaoke sessions, these four lovely ladies are far from the cliché delivering hair flipping action, in your face anthems and sex appeal. Between songs, male audience members profess their undying love (and lust) to the ladies by yelling, Marry me!” and “You’re fucking hot.”
We sat down with the Chelsea Girls after their performance for an interview. Here’s some footage:
To follow along, we’ve included the interview transcript:

Disarray Mag: We’re here with the Chelsea Girls at Club Nokia. Ok, so how did you guys get together?
AR: Well, we uh, actually haven’t known each other that long. We kind of knew each other through different bands and never played together before.
SM: We just started dating recently. [laughs]
AR: But it all kinda came together really easily. Even though, you know, you’d think how do you meet other people in bands. Because I think I would have known – or you’d think we would have been good friends all our lives because I knew Corey a long time ago and you know, we all met through different things but we actually only just met really like hardcore, like last year.
SM: But we know each other through the music community, L.A. We all live in L.A.
CP: We’ve only been in bed together like eight or nine months. [laughs]
Tuesdae: And we already rule the world. It happened really fast.
SM: Now what do we do? We don’t know.
AR: And Corey just wanted to start an all girl group that was fun, and you know that was kinda like a high profile, really good cover band – not just like a crappy cover band but something was actually serious with serious musicians and all female.
SM: So, she couldn’t find it so, then this is what happened [laughs]
Tuesdae: She’s stuck with us now.
Disarray Mag: So, I was watching some of your Youtube videos and how did you get Carmen Electra to be your emcee?
Tuesdae: She’s friends with Corey.
AR: Yeah, she’s really good friends with Corey.
Corey: Yeah, she’s awesome. She’s great and she loves Rock N’ Roll and she loves Rock N’ Roll women! So she was stoked and when she saw us, she literally … I said come down, Allison and I are in this band. I got a call like 3 o’clock in the morning when I got home from the show and she goes, “That is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and I will slit my wrists on stage for you, I will dance for you, I’ll do anything. We haven’t asked her to go quite that far just yet.
Tuesdae: But, we will. I want to see her riding a pink pony.
Disarray Mag: What are some of your favorite songs to perform onstage?
AR: I like doing “Holy Diver.”
Tuesdae: Right now “Holy Diver” is my favorite.
Corey: It’s always the new songs. “Live Wire”
Tuesdae: “Master of Puppets” and “Think About You” by Guns N’ Roses. “Crazy On You” by Hart is probably vocally my favorite to sing.
Disarray Mag: Ok, how do you pick your songs? How do you decide?
Tuesdae: We fight actually. Cat fights. Whoever wins, whoever pulls the most hair out.
Corey: We always end up in our bras and panties every sing time!
Tuesdae: I know! It’s crazy.
SM: Pillow fights. [laughs] No, it’s hard. We actually want to pick the greatest cover songs that people want to hear. So, we fight about it a little bit because I might like a KISS song from the 80s and Corey might like a KISS song from the 70s. So, you know, we do rock scissors paper or stuff like that. That’s how it happens.
Corey: Or somebody will want to do a song, and another person will want to do a song. Ok, I’ll learn your song and then you’ll learn my song.
AR: Nobody let’s me pick anything. [laughter]
SM: She’s like the Kirk Hammet of the band. [laughs] Everything I pick gets declined. [laughs]
AR: I’m still pushing for a Def Leopard.
SM: I want to do a Def Leopard too.
Tuesdae: We like to pick songs that are difficult that people love. You know, we don’t do anything too easy. It has to be kind of complicated.
Corey: It’s hard too. You know, I grew up in Orange County so there’s a lot of OC punk rock. Like Circle Jerks, Black Flag…
Tuesdae: We love punk. It’s just not challenging enough [laughter]
Corey: There’s a lot to choose from. I mean if you think about the music that moves you, there’s a lot to choose from. I mean, it’s 12 songs and you really gotta make the mark.
Disarray Mag: So what are some of your goals as a band?
Tuesdae: To be the biggest cover band in the world. Guys, just in we are officially the biggest cover band in the world.
Corey: We want to play for the prince of Dubai, at a private party,
Tuesdae: We want to do Bar Mitzvahs, we want to play the Macy’s Passport, Oh! We already played the Macy’s Passport.
Corey: We want to play on the Eiffel Tower.
SM: No, we’d like to open up for our heroes. Metallica…
Tuesdae: I would love to.
Corey: ZZ Top
SM: Axle Rose…Maybe Axle Rose will fire the rest of his band and we’ll be the next Guns N’ Roses.
Tuesdae: And I’m going to push him down the stairs and take over. That’s my plan.
Corey: Could you just imagine that? She pushes him down and she looks just like him, she’s got her hair red, cornrows.
Tuesdae: You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby and you’re going down…

Disarray Mag: OK, last question. Are there any plans for you guys to create your own songs in the future?
Tuesdae: Money, will make us do that. [laughter]
AR: No, we don’t have any plans to do anything original right now.
Tuesdae: We’re already playing the best songs ever written right or the best songs we’ve never written?
SM: And that’s the point. We’re already playing the best songs we never wrote so how could we top that? You know, it’s really difficult.
Tuesdae: MONEY. Money will top that.
SM: Unless we get the biggest record deal in the world, we will not be writing our own songs.
Tuesdae: It has to be the biggest. Ever.
SM: Like $2 billion. Until then, we will just stick to the other hits.
Tuesdae: I’m saying a Trillion. [laughs]
Corey: With everything in the music right now, you’re going to see that everything is going back to grass roots, live shows, that’s what it’s about period. And that’s what we work on – the live show, entertaining people and providing a night for them. Amidst all the bullshit, go out, they can pay their $15 and walk out wanting to fuck or fight . Like, that was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I had the time of my life. That’s what we want to create.
SM: We want to make it a recession proof band so that kids will know that they’re getting the best bang for their buck.
Disarray Mag: Alright, thank you!
All photos taken by Steven Buena

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