Whitesnake Still Rocking Out

Loud 80’s power ballads and wailing guitars blasted from the speakers at the Pacific Amphitheater when Whitesnake took the stage. Opening up for Judas Priest, the band performed their most famous hits from albums Saints & Sinners and Slide It In.

Sporting long hair, leather pants and opened button up shirts, the band rocked out onstage doing hair flipping, head banger movements. Signature 80’s hair band screams were widely-received with middle aged fans holding up devil hands and screaming, “Fuck yeah, Whitesnake!!”

Before performing the song, “Slow An’ Easy” lead singer David Coverdale asked fans, “We’re still sliding it in, aren’t you glad we’re still sliding it in?” Fans cheered in excitement, especially women in the audience. Surprisingly, during the band’s set, security guards danced to the music as well. During the chorus where the band sang, “Take me down so easy, make love to me so easy,” women screamed louder and danced seductively to the sexual lyrics.

After the song ended, Coverdale, toasted to the crowd and had a fan pour some of his beer into his cup. He followed with, “I just got my American citizenship!” Whistles, cheers and screams filled the amphitheater in response. “Now I need to work on losing this accent,” Coverdale said.

During the song, “Lay Down Your Love,” guitarists Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach rocked out playing five minute guitar solos, each taking turns to show off their skills. The two guitarists played face to face and flipped their long hair as they played their guitar riffs simultaneously.

Next, Coverdale introduced various members of the band and before presenting guitarist Beach, he said, “Where’s the fucking lights? He’s too good looking to be in the dark.” The crowd then screamed and cheered. Following the rowdiness, the band played their hit song, “Is This Love,” where fans sang along, pounded fists into the air and held up their lighters.

As soon as the band played, “Here I go Again,” fans waiting in line to get beer ran to their seats while singing along.

If you’re looking for lots of smoke, hair flipping, drum and guitar solos, definitely check out a Whitesnake concert. Here’s some footage from the show.

“Is This Love” power ballad.

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