Restaurant of the Week: Zankou Chicken | A Los Angeles Favorite

Combine good, quick and cheap Mediterranean food and you’ve got Zankou Chicken. With six locations in the Los Angeles area, the fast food eatery offers deliciously roasted chicken, falafel, shawarma and hummus, to name a few.

Oh, how I remember the days when the Hollywood Zankou eatery was crampt with a maximum capacity of 25. The smell of roasting chicken, filled the small eatery as long lines made it out the door. Of course, this was almost 10 years ago.

Since then, the Hollywood restaurant has expanded and has now doubled in size. Thankfully, the same flavors still remain throughout the years and now, more people are able to taste the goodness that is known as Zankou Chicken.

My all time favorite is the 1/4 chicken plate for just about $6.00. The plate comes with hummus, diced tomatoes, pickles, pita bread and a slow roasted juicy rotisserie chicken. Order a side of tabbouleh and don’t forget their famous garlic sauce! It’s a must! (I can eat this garlic paste by itself!)

FYI, many have tried to concoct their own versions of Zankou’s garlic sauce:

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that no matter what time of day, there’s always a line of hungry Zankou enthusiasts waiting to appease their appetites. Trust me, their food is worth the wait and you get portions enough to keep you full for a long while.

Heads up: I typically go to the Hollywood restaurant located on 5065 W. Sunset Blvd. at Normandie. Parking in the lot can get crowded so, opt for street parking if you must.

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