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BluPrint Fashion Show Hosts Music and Models in Downtown L.A.

The rooftop of the downtown Standard in Los Angeles was home to fashion models, live music and attendees looking for a good time on Sunday night as BluPrint Clothing, Maia.aiaM Lingerie and Jacob Kozinn debuted creatively sexy runway ensembles.

With the bright city lights serving as their backdrop, music acts took the stage before the fashion show. The Boat Times kicked off the night by performing a string of catchy, upbeat songs. The crowd sipped cocktails and bobbed their heads to the music being played by the Los Angeles group.
 The Boat Times performing at the Standard Rooftop

Besides rock music, hip-hop rhythms were delivered by The BoxCutters. This musical act was comprised of ElaNef and Mr. Number 1, who busted out with skillful beat-boxing techniques, which definitely got the crowd moving. Straight out of Brooklyn, NY, these guys energized the crowd despite the muzzled sound system and mics that cut in and out.
After the BoxCutters finished their set, the Bayliens, a duo consisting of Enzyme Dynamite and Jay3 performed infectious galactic songs about girls and celebrities. Rapper Enzyme Dynamite put on an entertaining show running around and interacting with the crowd. Audience members danced wildly to notable songs including, “Fly Away,” and “U.F.O,” which brought bass thumping beats to the rooftop.
The Bayliens Crew
The last to perform was Brooklyn female rapper Dama Nilz, who claims to have “no image, no gimmicks, delivering straight raw shit,” according to her Myspace page. Dama Nilz rapped about the various types of weed, while performing with an in your face swagger.
Dama Nilz onstage

Finally, it was time for the fashion show. As the show was underway, an even mix of female fashionistas and male attendees rushed to the runway to reserve their spot. The first collection to make its way down the runway was from Maia.aiaM Lingerie, which featured classic looks containing tassels, high waist designs and lace.  The show consisted of mainly two piece collections and see through designs reminiscent of retro/vintage styles. See below for runway snapshots from the Maia.aiaM collection.
Accompanying Maia.aiaM Lingerie designs were suits by Jacob Kozinn, pictured below:
Finally, Julie Machado’s BluPrint Clothing was next on the runway, displaying two piece bikinis and sexy dresses. Each of the ensembles featured one of a kind graffiti prints creating hip, edgy urban looks. At the end of the collection, Julie Machado came out and hugged her models (pictured below).
Overall, the show was a success combining a great location, drink specials, sexy designs and entertaining musical acts.View our slide show for complete coverage of the fun-filled event:
For more information on designers and bands, check out:

BluPrint4F.A.M.E. Fashion Show @ The Downtown Standard Rooftop 11/22

All photos courtesy of Disarray Magazine

Fall Fashion Forward

Posted by Kimberly Fisher, Contributing Writer
Just because we don’t experience a prominent change of season in the City of Angels, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the newest looks for the fall. Check out some of these hot looks:
Neon Pink
Shockingly sexy neon pink is seen on everything from frilly dresses to bold accessories. Ultra feminine Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors were seen sporting the high wattage hot pink hue down the runways of Fashion Week.
One Shoulder
Show a little skin this fall when the one-shoulder look makes a comeback in everything from cute tops to sophisticated dresses.
Structured Shape
Flaunting your figure will be back (goodbye billowy baby dolls!) with structured, built lines. Everything from jackets with square, boxy shoulders to an edgy, fresh update on the little black dress will be popular.

Classic Black and White
This refined, sophisticated combination holds strong for the fall months. Bold graphic patterns make a statement, while dresses tend to be capricious. Always a good choice: high quality separates.
Dark Glamour
Sporting an understated, Goth-inspired look will be big on the west coast as casual chic wearables. West Coast designers flaunt velvety jackets, distressed knits and old Hollywood-inspired Vintage.
Mod Metals
Metallics add shine and glam to the season with everything from sequins, shimmer, sparkle, glitz and embellishments.
Courageous Cuts
Cutting edge creations are bold, sexy and provocative. From plunging necklines to daring cutouts, this time of year exhibits a fresh new way to look at fashion.

About the Author
Kimberly Fisher is a freelance writer based in Manhattan Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV. She specializes in travel, lifestyle and fashion. Born with restless feet, she enjoys traveling and is always on the lookout for a new experience. So far she has traveled to over 37 countries and almost every US state. Her work has appeared in various English print and online media. Please direct inquiries to:

Phormula Delivers Ultra Sexy Style Inspired by Hip Hop

By Crissy Done, Contributing Writer
If you haven’t heard about them yet-you will very, very soon. Phormula, a quickly expanding clothing line based in Orange County, is setting the fashion scene on fire with their ultra sexy style. Mainly inspired by hip hop, their artistic graphics have quickly become universally liked by many different types of people who crave hot new designs. Watch out for them next year spring when they unleash a women’s line and accessories, but don’t wait until then-their merchandise has already sold out numerous times, so check it out now!
We sat down with co-founders Tony Mai and John Martinez to ask them about their journey in the fashion industry.
1. So, how did Phormula get started?
John: Well I did graffiti when I was younger, and PHOR was the name given to me and it kind of just stuck. I always wanted to do a clothing line and I needed to come up with a good name, and since I was always able to write PHOR or PHORMULA really well it became the name of the line. As far as the clothing line, I met Tony through a previous job and we never thought that each other would be into fashion or creating a line, but once the industry we were in started going down I started drawing again and doing all kinds of design stuff. I did a lot of freelance work for other companies, making them money while I wasn’t, so I decided to do my own thing. I always wanted to do it, but I never had a partner to start that journey with so it was hard. We kept in touch and one day I just threw the idea at him and turns out he was interested, so that’s pretty much how everything began.
2. How long has your company been running?
Tony: We started planning and putting everything together back in 2008. My background is sales and marketing, so we had to decide if we wanted to sell locally or really brand it out as a major player in the game. We didn’t launch until January of 2009, and ever since then it’s been pretty crazy. We’ve been picking up more stores and gaining a bigger audience, so it kind of just took off on its own. It’s still a lot of work though, since John and I wear a lot of hats on a daily basis. The first five stores we sold to all sold out, and we started picking up stores in Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, and of course all of California. We are at the point now where we are definitely growing but we are not trying to grow too fast because the branding part is really important to us.
John: We have plans to work with some major brands soon and we are also planning on coming out with accessories like hats and hoodies, but our main emphasis will always be our shirts.
3. Any plans on extending the line for women’s styles?
John: Actually in January there will be a full women’s line, mainly consisting of shirts and some shirt dresses, all of which will have graphics on them from top to bottom. We are sampling out to a lot of bigger stores for spring, so spring 2010 should really be our time to expand and really get our name out there. Keep checking out website for updates!
4. What makes your designs different than other clothing companies out there?
John: We do have a lot of girls on our shirts, but we don’t just do a gray scale of them and throw on a font-there’s a lot of artistic thought that goes into it. We are into a sexier look, not raunchy like some other brands out there. These days a lot of people just throw on a graphic because everyone else is doing it and they think they can sell it like that, but we definitely take the time to plan it out and make sure the concept is there, and if we don’t feel confident about it then we won’t do it.
Tony: A lot of times retailers will ask for the same thing over and over so ideally you want to come up with something that sells. So far, what we have now is selling really well and the stores that carry our clothing are still asking for it, so everything seems to be working out to our advantage right now.
5. How did you get your clothing into so many stores?
Tony: It’s just reaching out and presenting it in a certain way. There is a lot of ways to do it, but
we sat down and decided that we were going to present our brand as something that we are
really proud of and that’s high quality. Building a relationship with retailers is key, because at
the end of the day if they’re not profitable then it’s not going to help us out. It’s not about us
picking up as many stores as we can-it’s finding out about that store. What kind of promos they
do, how they treat other brands, and understanding what type of customers they have.
John: We kind of took a chance by printing out mass quantities of our merchandise and letting
stores sample it out for free to show them our confidence in our designs. Instead of being
cautious and printing out one shirt, we let our clothing speak for themselves on the rack. Lucky
for us, our clothing has sold out multiple times.
Tony: You really have to believe in your brand, regardless. It can work to your advantage or it
can work against you, but we saw what was out there and we felt that nobody had what we
have. Not to say that we are the best, but people always want something different and new,
especially in this industry. But before we started anything we really had to believe in our brand
to make sure that this was what we really want to do, otherwise we would be just another
number out there. We are really passionate about what we do, and I think that passion added
to our success so far.
6. What influences you in your designs?
John: Music and photography really influence us. I become inspired by whatever music that I am listening to as I am shooting pictures, and once the photo and the song come together, that’s when I know I got the shot. Some of our shirts have song titles or lyrics on them. I think our message and our images stem from music, so we always try to make sure that they complement each other and that there is a concept behind it.
7. What kind of music influences you?
John: Mostly hip hop. I come from a DJ background, so music has always been really important to me.
8. What challenges have you faced so far?
Tony: I think we are at that point where more stores mean more account management. John and I did everything: the accounting, selling, designing, and now that we are expanding there is a lot more work involved. We brought interns on and have been approached by individuals who want to work for us, but it’s very difficult to see who is truly passionate about this and who just wants to jump on because things are starting to move forward. We have run into people wanting to join us for the wrong reasons, so that was a challenge for us.
John: I think that they forget how much time and work is involved in creating and maintaining a clothing line. It’s a long process from start to finish, and I think that if your heart is not completely into it, it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm and passion about it. A lot of people doubted us in the beginning, thinking we were just another clothing line, another two person partnership, but at the end of the day it’s how much time you put into it. It’s rewarding to see people buying it and wearing our designs, so that makes everything that we do worth it. We get emails from people from Canada to New York asking us to sell our line there, and we feel so fortunate that our brand has expanded so far in such a short amount of time.
9. What stores can we find Phormula in?
Tony: We have most of our retailers listed online at our site and they can also email us to find a location near them. It’s scattered around which is a good thing because if we were to put it in every single store then it wouldn’t be as exclusive. We’re in the process of working with some more stores outside of California for Spring 2010. For the latest updates, please keep checking back on our website. (
John: It’s hard for me to buy clothes. If I see someone wearing the same thing I am I can’t wear it anymore because it’s not unique. We really try to remain exclusive yet available if anyone is interested in our style, so it’s hard to balance.
Tony: Some stores told us right away that if we were to sell our clothing to another store in the same mall then they wouldn’t buy from us anymore. By the end of the day we try to make sure that each retailer selling our merchandise is profitable, because if they aren’t, then neither are we.
10.Where would you like to see Phormula in 5-10 years? Would you like to have your own stores or would you rather keep selling to retailers?
John: I think that the plan in the future is definitely a flagship store; I feel that flagships help with branding and also I think there’s a little bit more control. I see us being a full blown, top to bottom line. But the main concern for us within the next 5 years is expanding overseas.
11.So are we going to see any shoes?
Tony: Hopefully! I would love to see Phormula taken to that point. For me, that would be a really nice accomplishment because I definitely love shoes.
John: It would probably be Tony’s dream to collaborate with Nike.
12. To finish off, the hardest question: in three words, describe Phormula.
John: Crazy, sexy, cool TLC! Haha you know what’s funny? We get asked this all the time and it’s the hardest question to answer.
Tony: I would definitely describe it as sexy and unique. Sometimes when something comes so naturally to you, you can’t really put a word on it. I think for our audience we didn’t come out to say we are something in particular; we wanted to let our line speak for itself rather than place any generalization or tag on it beforehand. Our customers are pretty diverse, from the hip hop scene to ravers and also skaters, so it reaches out to a lot of different audiences. Its way more universal than we thought it was going to be.
John: I think we make clothes that look good, feel good, and are good quality. We don’t aim to please anybody-we aim to make clothing that we are proud of and that anyone can appreciate.
For more information on Phormula, check them out at:

About the Author
Crissy Done graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s in English and a strong desire to write. Her passions include fashion, beauty, music, food and travel. She hopes to one day become a successful and published author.PDRTJS_settings_598671 = { “id” : “598671”, “unique_id” : “default”, “title” : “”, “permalink” : “” };

BluPrint4F.A.M.E. Fashion Show @ The Downtown Standard Rooftop 11/22

Fashionistas in Los Angeles should check out the Downtown Standard rooftop on 11/22/09 for the BluPrint 4F.A.M.E. Fashion Show. The event is FREE, starts at 7:30pm and will feature BluPrint clothing, Jacob Kozinn clothing and lingerie by Maia.aiaM.
For more information, see below:
BluPrint4F.A.M.E. (Fashion.Art.Music.Entertainment)
Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 2009
7:30pm – 1:30am
The Standard, Downtown LA
550 South Flower (at Sixth Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Free gift bags for the first 20 ladies
Drink specials from 7:30-9pm
Live music till 10pm, so get there early
BluPrint Clothing
Jacob Kozinn
Maia.aiaM – Lingerie
Pablo Power
Film projections by Six Stair
Video by Anton Perich
ElaNef – beat-boxing
The Bayliens
The Boat Times
DJ Rage Johnson
DJ True Justice
Here is a trailer for a party we threw in NYC back in 2005… we were throwing them all over the city from 2004-2008 or so..
And here are some pics from our past events:
The Standard, Downtown LA rooftop virtual tour
flyer designed by Rage Johnson (
BluPrint4F.A.M.E. (Fashion.Art.Music.Entertainment) is an on-going event that combines emerging fashion designers, runway shows, visual art (either projected or hanging), live musicians (mostly hip-hop), and DJ’s into a single, cohesive showcase. Started in NYC in October of 2004 by Julie Machado (BluPrint Clothing), Elan Freudenthal (aka ElaNef), Rigel Lastrella (aka The Anser), and Orlando Molina (aka ZEPS), BluPrint4F.A.M.E. grew into a monthly party that has been held at various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Now that BluPrint Clothing has re-located to LA, we are ready to take over the West Coast as well! In 2010 and beyond, we will be throwing events every 3 months.
Please join our Facebook group :
And rsvp to the event at:
By Nancy Mora, Contributing Writer
Don’t re-organize your makeup bag just yet. With cool breezes slowly and refreshingly taking over, Angelinos have quickly pulled snuggly sweaters over their tank tops and have traded Uggs for their daily flip-flops. It’s time for a season change and with that comes an array of new looks for this season’s hottest trends. But don’t jump into the wagon just yet – if saving money has been your goal, splurging on a new set of eye shadows or lip colors may have you cringing while reviewing your receipt. Complement this chilly season by applying summer’s beauty trends in your look!
Natural Locks – let your hair flow carelessly along with the wind; instead of blow-drying or straightening hair, diffuse and let air-dry.
Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, you can leave it loose and decorate with detailed hairpins and headbands that are showing up on every fashion store counter.
Maintain frizz and fly-aways with anti-frizz products like John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum or Herbal Essence’s None of Your Frizziness shampoo/conditioner line to help sustain curls and leave locks shiny and smooth.
Nude Lips – fashion runways weren’t only trampled by thin models sporting designer wear: nude lips and cat eyes were plastered on every magazine as the season’s most snagged makeup look. The nude color easily goes with any look from au natural to dramatic. Nude lipstick allows you to play up other areas like eyes, updos and any outfit.Try a color that is close to your skin tone. You can test colors on your hand (palms down) since it’s the color closest to your lips. Remember to stay within your skin tone as a more dark hue will make you look too pale and a too-light hue will go unnoticed.
Smokey Eyes – this dark-hued combo never goes out of season. For a sexy yet playful look, amp it up this season by adding a tint of those bright summer colors to your smoky palette: fuchsia, purple, turquoise, gold, etc. Start by following your normal smoky-look routine and finish with a dab of a bright color to the middle of your lid or for an low-key extreme look, try the inner/outer lid.
Shimmer – just a hint of shimmer will keep giving you that glowy look you catered to in the Summer. Gold or bronze shimmer dusted lightly on your cheeks, lips or eyes will give your casual, cozy look a bit of spark.

So, with everyone keeping an eye on their wallets, remember to follow these budget-friendly beauty tips. Looking good doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

About the Author
Nancy Mora currently works as a proofreader for a busy law firm but her exuberance derives from creative writing and bringing stories to life. She indulges in her weekly cravings from salads to chili cheese fries and is a obliging gym rat – minus the bulging muscles.

10 Essential Must Haves for Girls

By Erin Kilgour, Contributing Writer
The struggle for physical beauty is something that begins in the dreams of young girls and carries on throughout life. Beauty is a consideration for love, friendship and occupation. Making oneself feel appealing is bringing out the beauty within us.
There are 10 items every girl should not be without, whether carried in her handbag or applied and used each morning, to add shine, powder the skin, and add the elegance of fragrance.
Beauty musts:
1. A good cleansing soap.
It is important to start each morning with a fresh start. Waken the skin with a good cleansing soap or scrub that will allow your pores to gently open as you wash with lukewarm water, cleansing the dirt and closing the pores with rinsing with cold water, starting a fresh day with a fresh face.
2. A good lip gloss.
Lip gloss is extremely important and should be carried in the handbag and applied throughout the day. It is the seductive luster of the shine that alerts the opposite sex and makes the soul come alive. (It is also a great conditioner to keep the lips healthy.)
3. Moisturizer
Softness is as softness feels, and keeping ones skin smooth and gentle with a moisturizer just might mean the difference when the unexpected encounter occurs and your arm gently brushes against his.
4. Black eyeliner and mascara
This may be the most seductive tool of all accentuating the eyes and showing the graceful beauty of what lies within.

5. Breath mints
A girl cannot be left unguarded and breath mints are a must to have at all times. Whether, to disguise the salami sandwich eaten at lunch time or to refresh the mouth to spark the smile and confident conversation with fellow co workers and friends

6. Hair Brush
This by all means is one of the most important items for your bag. Brushing your hair throughout the day stimulates the scalp, presents a beautiful aura, and makes one feel appealing.
7. Blush
Blush is necessary to accentuate the check bones and add the elegance of color and balance to ones face.
8. Foundation
Even the most beautiful skin needs a good foundation to protect it from the harsh environment of today’s society. Not to mention to entice the gentle attraction that often times brings on the caring caress as your face is shimmered with perfection and contour.
9. Fragrance
Fragrance is a must to apply each morning and to apply throughout the day. Whether the appealing soft smell of floral or the crisp pleasant smell of fresh, fragrance will encourage one to come closer and will leave the encounter with a pleasant memory.
10. Mirror
Every girl must carry a compact. Whether to freshen up her makeup throughout the day or just to reassure her beauty. A mirror reflects the soul and keeping yourself in tune with you is a sign of a true friend.
PDRTJS_settings_598671 = { “id” : “598671”, “unique_id” : “default”, “title” : “”, “permalink” : “” };
By Crissy Done, Contributing Writer
Forget the girl next door routine and vamp up your style this Halloween with a sexy, Megan Fox inspired look. This bad girl’s new movie, Jennifer’s Body, is a scream-worthy showcase of her oozing sex appeal that every guy dreams about and secretly fears. This Halloween is the perfect time to be naughty with these simple steps that will make you the girl guys would die for:
1. Maintain a little innocence:
There’s nothing sexier than a virginal goddess, but mix that in with a devilish attitude and you have the perfect concoction for a wicked night. Guys like the feeling that they have something to teach you. They are natural protectors, and what’s more worthy of their protection than an innocent air? But being all natural isn’t the only thing that turns him on-just like Megan Fox’s character “Jennifer,” you have to have the right attitude to pull off this look. Not only are guys protective, they are also very competitive. Make them work for your attention! Don’t just give any guy five minutes or even eye contact-you are too desirable to spend time on the meek boys that drool as you walk by. Mix a little innocence with your badass attitude and you too will be eating up guys left and right.
2. Be aggressive! B-E aggressive!
You are the ultimate fantasy, which means every guy wants you. No guy would dare defy you of anything. He already has a girlfriend? Too bad! Jennifer could care less if you were even a priest-no guy in his right mind would say no to her advances. There’s nothing subtle about your ways-you want something, you are going to get it, end of story. If they don’t like it, tough! Flaunt your sexual aggression to anyone you want-if they deserve it. Rules don’t exist in your world. You want a drink? You got it. You want a drink from that guy standing next to his wife? Done! Break up his daily routine with a little forced game of hooky from his work or school. Be bold-if he’s worthy, go out to a bar and buy him a drink. Show him a good time and he will be putty in your hands.
3. Don’t forget the look:
Skirts and shorts are never short enough for you. There’s nothing like black boots that will get you all the attention you deserve. Whether its school, the grocery store or a hail storm-strut your stuff with a sexy walk. Don’t be afraid to swing your hips or run your fingers through your hair as guys stare and girls glare. Look as though you know exactly where you’re going, even if you are completely lost. Plump up your lips with a plumping gloss that will give you a sexy, dying-to-be-kissed pout. Always wear heels, even if you plan on walking through the desert. If there are no heels to wear: go barefoot. Nothing else will ever be worthy of your feet.
This Halloween is the perfect time to try something new, even if it’s just for one night. But beware: you just might end up liking it year round.

About the Author
Crissy Done graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s in English and a strong desire to write. Her passions include fashion, beauty, music, food and travel. She hopes to one day become a successful and published author.
By Cara Batema, Contributing Writer
We can watch award shows to see if our favorite stars have won, or we can just read a list of the winners after the show. The real reason we watch awards shows is to check out the big fashion hits and blunders. Now that the Emmy Primetime Awards have come and gone, it is time to hand out the red carpet fashion awards. Since the Emmys are the last big awards show of the year, one would think our fine actors, writers, producers, and the like would be more willing to take a risk; however, the overall mood of Emmys fashion this year was that of boredom and indifference.
Many stars opted for traditional black, which in some cases turned out nice; take, for example, Tina Fey—she looked good in a classic black gown by Gucci, but again the look is a bit of a yawn. Heidi Klum glowed in her black fitted dress, showing her about-ready-to-pop baby belly. Some stars who chose to don black were not as successful. Glenn Close looked like she was headed for a funeral rather than standing on the red carpet, and sorry to say, most of the gentlemen of the evening looked like they rented their tuxes from the same store. Kudos to Neil Patrick Harris, who wore white during his presentations.
Another trend on the red carpet this year was, of course, red. Some stars played the red to their advantage, such as Sigourney Weaver, who chose a one-shouldered look, yet again a trend on the red carpet this year. Red was not Debra Messing’s friend, who quite frankly, was a big disappointment; she often wears red, and this dress by Michael Kors was just blah. We are more used to Messing taking more of a risk. Other red mishap awards go to Blake Lively, who had too much going on with the slit, the deep V, the no back, and Hayden Panettiere, who looked like she was in her forties—when will Panettiere act and dress her age?
Now we have seen the trends of the red carpet. It is time to assess the biggest fashion faux pas of the 2009 Emmys. One of the worst gowns of the night belonged to Padma Lakshmi who wore a jewel-toned gown with a red tumor growing on her left hip. Leighton Meester did not pull off the white Grecian-style dress, as the mass of fabric on her shoulders was really too much for her to handle. Elisabeth Moss also wore too much—the large jeweled collar could not take away from an ill-fitting, ugly-colored gown. Even worse, Jennifer Love Hewitt chose a yellow dress more fit for prom than for an awards ceremony, and Chloe Sevigny might as well have worn sweatpants, as her look was too casual for the Emmys. We all expected funny ladies Kristen Wiig and Sarah Silverman to make bold choices, but their risks did not pay off. In particular, the blue dress with bolts of fabric tacked onto the hips, worn by Silverman, was the worst look of the night.
Some risks paid off, however, and some looks were perfect from head to toe. Toni Collette was shining in her bright pink dress, structural and fitted at the top and flowing layers of chiffon on the bottom. She, like the other best-dressed stars, wore her dress with confidence. Drew Barrymore chose a pink rose-colored strapless gown, and her hair, makeup, and accessories, pulled the whole look together. Olivia Wilde was perhaps the biggest risk-taker of the night—her stunning gown had nude windows down the middle front and the whole back, and again, the look including hair and accessories was spot-on. The best look of the night goes to January Jones in a geometric, structural dress with a flowing bottom. The dress fit perfectly, and the minimal accessories worked with the dress instead of distracting from it.
Overall, the fashion at this year’s Emmy awards was a yawn. Here is hoping more stars take after Jones, Wilde, Barrymore, and Collette for the next awards show, and here is a plea for more excitement fashion-wise on the red carpet.
By Crissy Done, Contributing Writer
Whether you know them from their hit show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or simply from their famous backsides, it’s easy to see why their ultra sexy sense of style has become so popular in Hollywood. The Kardashian girls exude confidence and sex appeal that looks great on any shape, especially curvy figures that are the new trend. Here are a few ways to replicate their beauty and fashion styles:
Beauty: The Kardashian sisters love to play up their beautiful brown eyes with complimenting shadows and long, thick lashes:
• For day, use soft shades of lavender and pink to bring out those beautiful brown eyes. Use an angle brush to line the bottom of the eye with the same shade to create a soft, alluring look. Line with dark brown eyeliner on the top lid and smudge for a smokier effect. Curl eye lashes and swoop on an ultra volumizing mascara.
• For night, use darker shades of brown, gray and purple. Use the darkest shade of the same color on the outer corner of the eye to create a sexy almond shape. Again line the bottom with the same color shadow, but this time skip the brown liner and go for black. Smudge for that smokey, dramatic effect. Instead of mascara, try using fake eyelashes for added drama and sexiness. Before putting them on, make sure to curl your own lashes to match the curve of the false lash.
To achieve that sexy tan, skip the tanning bed that damages the skin and try a moisturizer that adds color each time you apply. Not only does it look natural, most have light shimmer that make the body look sleek and toned.
Fashion: To play up their amazing curves, the Kardashians stick to waist emphasizing belts, skirts and pants. Not only is their style sexy, it is simple and classic:
• Make the smallest part of your body the waist to create an hourglass shape. Try using thick belts around the waist and high waisted bottoms. For a classier look great for work, try a high waisted, straight or wide leg trouser and a button up top. For casual wear, try a high waisted boot cut jean and a sexy top.
• Go big, or go home. The Kardashian clan isn’t afraid to be the center of attention. Wear bold earrings and bracelets to enhance a classic, sexy outfit without going overboard. For day, wear big sunglasses for ultra chic Hollywood glamour. Not only does it look glamorous, it protects the eyes from damaging rays.
• For evening, go for a high waisted skirt with sexy heels and a simple clutch. Wear neutral shades and pair them with sexy yet subtle animal print bangles, shoes, or light tops.
• Don’t be afraid to show off your curves. You got them, you flaunt them! Try form fitting dresses that will hug your curves in all the right places. Make sure they touch at least the middle of the thigh or above the knee to keep it classy. If you don’t feel comfortable showing too much, try a tulip style dress or skirt. It hugs the smallest part of the waist without hugging your bottom or hips.
Most importantly: BE CONFIDENT. Confidence is the key to any outfit and shape. Remember, you don’t have to be waifish to be in style anymore. Don’t be afraid to turn heads with these tips: you too can be the envy of any occasion.
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By Crissy Done, Contributing Writer
Let’s face it: everyone makes mistakes, but no one should have to suffer from these common beauty errors. Whether you are a beauty pro or just beginning to give it a shot, try these simple ways that not only fix the problem but help you look and feel better:
1. Uneven Foundation: You’ve seen it: foundation that visibly stops at the jaw line. It’s a common mistake for a lot of people, even those that have been applying it for years. To find out if you are a victim of this, try taking a picture of yourself in natural light. If you are guilty, try matching your foundation color not to your face but your neck, that way it will blend all the way from top to bottom. Sometimes foundation can be a little too heavy on the skin, so try using either a tinted moisturizer or an aerosol foundation. Just spray a little on a makeup sponge and apply to the areas that need coverage. Not only will it look more natural, it will feel much lighter and your skin will appreciate it.
2. Skipping the Blush: Many people underestimate the power of blush and go right for the eyes. Not only is it an easy way to look refreshed and awake, it provides a romantic, flushed look worn oh so well by celebrities such as Emmy Rossum and is the perfect accompaniment for fair skin. Apply a bright colored blush to the apples of the cheeks with a large brush. The brighter the color, the better. For tanned skin, try peachy tones like Jessica Alba. But don’t go overboard on the rouge: the idea is to have a delicate splash of color on the cheeks. If bronzer is what you are looking for, apply it only to areas that naturally get more color in the sun such as the top of the cheek bone. Avoid using it as a blush, since the dark color will make the face look dirty instead of brightening it.
3. Over Plucked Eyebrows: This is an easy mistake to make and a hard one to fix, especially if you have been plucking for years. Not only do they frame the eyes, they frame the entire face. Before you begin to pluck a single hair, go to the experts. They will know how much to take and the best way to shape them based on the natural arch and thickness of the brow. Thicker brows can be worn beautifully like actress Camilla Belle if they are properly shaped. If you are lucky and have that kind of brow but are tired of keeping them groomed, spray a little hairspray on an eyebrow brush and sweep over them to keep hairs in place all day, but be careful not to get any in your eyes. If you are guilty of over plucking, it’s best to leave them alone and let them grow out for a while. Get an eye shadow one or two shades lighter than your hair color and an angle brush and fill them in. There are also eyebrow mascaras that make the hair thicker. Shape them by brushing them into shape with an eyebrow brush.
4. Brassy Hair Color: Just because it looks good on the box doesn’t mean it will look good on you. It is easier to go darker than it is to go lighter, so if you are a dark haired beauty wanting to lighten up, trust the experts. They will know what shades will go with your skin tone and what will work best with your natural hair color. If you do make a mistake and end up with that brassy color, try a purple or blue tinted shampoo available at beauty supply stores. The cool tone will counteract it and hopefully minimize the amount of brassiness. Before adding a darker shade to fix it, again consult an expert. It’s better to fix the problem the right way instead of over processing hair and damaging it any further. Natural is in these days so try sticking with the color given to you. Not only does it look the best on you, it will be healthy and shiny. Usually hair darkens as we age, so if you must color it try the shade you had as a child to achieve the most natural look.
5. Not Keeping Track of Beauty Trends: This is the most important mistake people make. Makeup last year isn’t the same makeup this year. In the past decade alone there have been many new products that everyone should be aware of:
• Stains are great alternatives to blushes and lipsticks since they provide light, all day wear.
• Mascara with separating combs end years of clumpy eyelashes and provide length and separation.
Just keep updated with the latest trends and products, and you will be on your way to looking your best.
With a collection of celebrity-studded red carpet events taking place this season, A-listers walking the carpet come equipped with makeup artists, hair stylists and fitness trainers. Fortunately, now you can get the same glamorous looks by following a few tricks and tips of the trade.

Brighten Your Grill – To look red carpet and camera ready, a sparkling smile is a must. Drugstores everywhere sell whitening strips that cost about $45 for certain kits. The latest Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal contains molds that stick to your teeth so that you can eat and drink anytime, wherever you are.
Drink Plenty of Water – While moisturizing your skin is essential, the real secret to gorgeous skin is drinking eight glasses of water a day. Studies show that adequate water intake results in bright eyes, increased energy and a glowing, radiant complexion.
Get Bronzed Up – A healthy glow is important to the red carpet look and if you’re showing a bit of skin, make sure to brighten your look with tanning body lotions or mousses. Make sure to use a formula that doesn’t go on too thick and allows for gradual build up. This way, you can layer the products to get the shade that looks best on you. Some products offer age defying, skin firming effects, as well.
Balance Your Makeup – The worst thing you can do is overdo your makeup and look like a clown so, when it comes to beauty products, it’s important for females everywhere to practice moderation. If your lips are a bright red or a bold pink color, aim for a neutral eye shadow. If you’re going for the smoky eye look, then use a nude or sheer light pink stain.
Maintain Your Mane – Face it, you can have the best makeup, the cutest outfit and still look like a hot mess if your hair is frizzy and fried. Remember to deep condition your hair with hot oil treatments and special shampoos and conditions if you’ve color treated your hair in the last few weeks. To avoid frizzy hair, shampoo your hair the night before your event and sleep with your hair wrapped in a loose bun. When you wake up, you’ll have luscious waves. For a classy look, tie your wavy hair back into a low ponytail, make a deep side part and place the ponytail two inches off to one side. Top off the look with a shine serum and you’ll definitely turn heads with your new ‘do.
With the growing popularity of DIY sites and how-to tutorials online, it’s no surprise that girls in need of makeup lessons are turning to for everything from how to apply makeup like Kim Kardashian to how to get J.Lo’s glowing skin. Hair and makeup are huge categories offering makeup tips and tricks from girls around the globe.
Youtube beauty tutorial starlets post their videos and give viewers step-by-step instructions while adding humor, personality and helpful tips for those looking for a DIY makeover. Fans have already subscribed to their favorite teachers and one has already made it big with her own makeup line.
With that said, Disarray Magazine has selected our top picks of beauty tutorials to watch and learn from.
1. Our first pick is Kandee Johnson the Make-Up Artist . She covers both makeup, hair and DIY fashion tutorials. She offers seminars/Glaminars and offers advice on how to become a makeup artist. With over 2 million channel views, Kandee has 88,194 subscribers. We love her conversational tone and she’s so fun to watch. Did we mention she’s a passionate Hollywood makeup artist?
Here’s some footage of Kandee’s Glaminar courtesy of Zingozero.
2. Our second favorite is Pursebuzz, for hair care, skin and cosmetic makeup tips. She offers her viewers discounts on products and hair tools. Pursebuzz also offers contests where you can win various products. With over 4 million channel views, Pursebuzz has 139,377 subscribers.
3. Our third favorite is Heather123. She covers makeup and hair. Why do we like her? We think she keeps it real and she’s hilarious. With nearly 700,000 channel views, Heather has 17,699 subscribers. Watch our favorite look from Heather:
4. Our fourth favorite is Michelle Phan. She covers everything from makeup, to hair and creative projects like making masks and more. Her videos contain soothing music and her voice is relaxing. With over 8 million channel views, Michella has 252,428 subscribers.
5. Our fifth favorite is EnkoreMakeup. Ladies, you can learn a LOT from this talented man! Koren has had nearly 2 million channel views and 65,960 subscribers. I suggest you follow him too.
6. Our sixth favorite worth mentioning is Panacea81 – Youtube’s makeup tutorial success story. Lauren Luke has made it big with her own beauty products.
7. Our seventh fav is by the fabulous ABoyWearingMakeup. He cracks us up and knows his stuff and offers a unisex approach to makeup. You can learn from him. He’s really entertaining to watch-guaranteed.
Here’s part 3 of this entertaining boy:
8. Our eighth favorite is Poynterr. We love her hair tutorials and her accent is cool. While she only has 14 how-to videos, we think she’s interesting and one to watch out for.
9. Our ninth favorite is by PrettyGirlsMakeFaces .We like her unconventional techniques and her daring looks. She uses bold colors and does a great job at blending eyeshadows. She only has 3,518 videos and it seems as if she’s on hiatus. What a shame. We love her tutorials. Here’s our favorite look:
10. Lastly, our list would not be complete without Fafinettex3. Her real name is Aubrey and she’s extremely bubbly and cute. It’s no wonder she has over 11 million channel views and 170+ subscribers. We love her techniques and her flawless skin!
Here’s one of our favorite looks:
We plan on creating another list next month so if you’d like to send in your favorite tutorials, please email
Hope you enjoyed our favorite beauty starlets!
For those who have trouble walking in high heels, fear not. Anastassia Khozissova, Ralph Lauren muse and model, is coming to your rescue with High Heel Boot Camp on, featuring a five-part video series on how to walk in high heels.
Directed by Doug Keeve, the High Heel Boot Camp web-series is sponsored by Maybelline New York Lash Stilletto Ultimate Length Mascara. The series will serve as a tutorial, offering viewers a chance to watch Khozissova’s fleet of models walk in stillettos, fighting their way through a wind tunnel and mastering the art of walking the runway.
For those who want to venture into the world of walking in stiletto heels, Khozissova offers four helpful key tips:
1. Hips. Place your hands at the side of your hips and move your hips side to side to bring your hips to your hands. Remember that the movement of a runway walk comes from your hips!
2. Head. Keep your head back and your chin up. Don’t ever push your head forward!
3. Toes. Stretch the arch of your foot and practice walking on your toes in order to train the muscles of your feet.
4. Arms. The movement of your arms must come from your shoulders. Try relaxing your shoulder muscles and swinging your arms like a pendulum.
Catch the how-to web series on
Just in time for summer: Unified People trucker hats
With the summer heat in full effect, it’s important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and what better way to shade your face and look stylish than with hats. Celebrities have been spotted around Los Angeles, CA wearing a new hat line called Unified People, which contains both leather and fur designs. The hats range in prices between $65 – $129 and styles are available for both males and females.
A few of the celebrities sporting the line include Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven, Macy Gray, among others.
To see more detailed photos of the hats, or for more information please visit:
Fashion, Recessionista Style
In today’s economy, it seems like everyone’s keeping an eye on their budgets as layoffs sweep across thousands of jobs. Let’s face it, the national unemployment rate in the United States is at 9.7 percent and rising. Luckily, when it comes to saving money, fashionistas will be glad to know that being broke doesn’t have to mean – looking broke.
In a recession, cotton apparel is ideal since it’s both durable and cost efficient. Cotton lasts all year and is always in style. Even I have cotton shirts that go as far back as six years ago. Pack rat, I am not! Besides, when the weather cools down, summer cotton outfits can be layered in the fall. (If you’re worried about looking out of date, don’t worry. Layering clothing is a fall trend, so there’s no need to get rid of your newly purchased summer ensembles.)
Word from the wise: A few wallet-friendly items include zippered hoodies, leggings and denim jackets, says Linda DeFranco, Director, Product Trend Analysis, Cotton Incorporated.
Other options include typical long sleeved cotton shirts, khakis and layers. If you want to stay “trendy” for fall, Cotton Incorporated suggests buying clothing that contains, “mineral shades punctuated with loud pinks and warm oranges,” or “jewel tones grounded by earthy grays.” Another popular fall trend is “mustard yellow” as it adds a pop of color to any outfit.
Guys are covered too. It seems that the back-to-school trend forecast for males include hoodies, gray denim or fitted silhouettes and charcoal rubbed stripes on woven shirts.
So by now you’re probably asking yourself, “Where should the budget conscious shop?” We’ve gathered a few helpful tips to help you get the best bang for your buck.
Thrift Stores: If you don’t mind second hand items, thrift stores are a great place to find pre-owned clothing at extremely low prices. Check out stores like Goodwill or The Salvation Army, which sell clothing, furniture, electronics and more. For higher end, second-hand clothing Buffalo Exchange will be your best bet.
Garage Sales: You’ll find garage sales to be prominent on weekends, especially in residential neighborhoods. You’ll typically find signs advertising garage sales with an address listed on the bright sign posted on stop signs, light posts and trees. Garage sales are great and can offer you a great deal of second hand items similar to thrift stores. Every garage sale is different. It’s always good to bring cash in case you want to purchase anything.
Sample Sales: If thrift stores and second hand items gross you out, then check out sample sales. If you want to find the latest styles at cheap prices, then head to sample sales where up and coming designers sell excess merchandise at a steal. Sample sales offer T-shirts, jeans, hats, purses, accessories, dresses along with clothing and accessories for males. Buyer beware, sometimes, clothing might have small – barely there defects, or the designer printed T-shirts with the wrong color ink. These defects are typically unnoticeable. Some sample sales can get messy with clothes hanging out of boxes, bins of accessories and then some. If chaos is not your thing, then it’s a good idea to join sample sale websites where you get to shop in the comforts of your own home (or office).
The next time you decide to buy clothes, remember that there are budget-friendly, stylish ways to get your gear.
For questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know.
Donna Karan Unveils iPhone App
Seems like everyone is coming out with a new iPhone application these days with the latest release from Donna Karan. Yes, the fashion icon is unveiling an iPhone app that will offer shoppers a way to create wish lists with the option to forward to a personal shopper. Users will also get to see a video called “System of Dressing,” where Karan discusses the how-tos of maximizing the flexibility of clothes.
“With me, it’s never just about the clothes. It’s about a lifestyle and commonality that I share with my consumer. This iPhone application is the modern evolution of the time I spend with my customers in the dressing room. Only now I can reach a world of women immediately, speaking woman to woman about clothes, objects of desire and personal passions. There is nothing faster, more mobile or more advanced in communication today.”- Donna Karan
Besides the wish list and video feature, fashionistas will be able to read fresh content from Karan’s regularly updated sections, including the “Love Love Love” section where Karan chooses two must-haves to spotlight, which can include a piece of clothing, accessory or even her favorite book.

Karan’s “People Who Inspire” section will highlight someone who has been an inspiration in Karan’s life.

Additionally, the “Ask Donna” section will provide a place for Karan to answer questions from clients and fans.
TheDK Talk,” section is a place for Karan to interview someone she knows or admires. Iman is said to be the latest interviewed and the DK Travel,” a section for Karan to post pictures and captions from her most recent travels. Africa recaps are said to be the most recent in this section.
Partnering with Atimi Software, the fashion app developed as a natural progression as Karan first helped women in dressing rooms dress more confidently and as her company expanded, Karan’s advice was distributed through mailing lists.
“The design method applied to the iPhone application was to truly allow Donna Karan to connect with her clients in as personal a way as possible,” said Scott Michaels, Atimi Vice President, developers of the iPhone application. “Every aspect was held up to the light to ensure it met the design objectives and had the level of polish and quality that is inherent in the Donna Karan brand.”
The Donna Karan fashion app is free and can be downloaded at the site.

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