Top 5 Favorite Beauty Virtual Makeover Apps

Ever wonder what your hair would look like if it was short? Maybe you’ve thought about changing your hair to different color or applying different makeup shades, but you were scared to take the risk. Fear no more. There are apps for virtual makeovers and we’ve gathered our favorites. 
1. Modiface Makeover 
Simply upload a picture or take one on your mobile phone or tablet and then choose from a variety of filters that help you add eyeliner, eyelashes, and eye shadow. You can also add foundation, concealer, blush and highlighter. Want to try preset looks based on celebs, you can do that too. This app allows you to try on different hairstyles, lip sticks, lip glosses and even lip liner. 
2. Magic Eye Effect 
If you’re wondering what you’d look like with a different eye color, this app is for you. All you have to do is upload or take a photo and then follow the step by step guides and then choose from a variety of eye colors and designs. 
3. FaceTune
Want whiter teeth? Want to cover up that unsightly pimple? This app can do just that and then some. This app costs $3.99 and can be used to whiten more than just teeth. Say you take a photo but the white background has a yellow tint, this app can fix that. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments. 
4. Youcam
If you’ve used Snapchat, then you’ll easily be able to use this app. Upload or take a photo and then swipe through preset looks, customize your makeup and test out a variety of colors. 

5. Visage Lab
Need an app to smooth wrinkles, hide blemishes and remove face shine? Then, Visage Lab can help. Color correction is also possible with this app so, make your flaws disappear like magic. 
Have a favorite app that we didn’t mention? Let us know which ones you use for your virtual makeovers. 

About the Editor

Formerly an editor at Demand Media, writer at Citysearch, The Examiner and proofreader at The Los Angeles Daily News, Christy Buena decided to start Disarray Magazine because she missed writing what she wanted. From hiring writers, to contacting publicists and making assignments, Christy is responsible for the editorial strategy of DisarrayMAG. 

When she’s not running Disarray, she’s consulting for Tigerlily Consultants, helping businesses with their content marketing and social media strategies. 

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