Top 10 Fashionable Characters From Movies

Those with a passion for fashion have long taken inspiration from the Hollywood characters up on the silver screen, and the 10 listed below  have proven especially influential.
1. James Bond
It might have been expected that some of Bond’s high gloss style might be lost when the series was given a gritty makeover with 2006’s Casino Royale, but Bond still dressed well. His classic tux for the central casino scene paid homage to the franchise’s roots, while the Turnbull and Asser shirt kept him at the fashion forefront. Had he been playing online casinos like he could have gone for a more casual look.
2. Carrie Bradshaw
When she made her big screen bow in Sex and the City (2008), this New York journo played by Sarah Jessica Parker also upped her fashion game – wearing labels like Prada and Manolo Blahnik throughout – providing a wish fulfilment for many viewers.
3. Cher Horowitz
Resembling a teenage version of Bradshaw was Alicia Silverstone in 1995’s Clueless. Her character appeared dumb on the surface but was actually bright, and one indicator of this was her stylish a-line miniskirts and knee socks combo.
4. Sebastian Valmont
Ryan Phillippe’s character from 1999’s Cruel Intentions was a confident seducer, but also an immature character. His blend of a designer suit and t-shirt looked great while also giving an indicator of these conflicting sides of his personality.
5. Jacob
This character from 2011’s Crazy Stupid Love, played by Ryan Gosling, was a real player and his cashmere sweaters and made to measure designer suits were one part of his appeal to women.
6. Axel Foley
This character from the smash hit 1984 comedy Beverly Hills Cop became a fashion icon, despite seemingly not trying at all. Dressed in faded jeans, t-shirt, shades and frat jacket, he pretty much defined casual wear for many men to this day.
7. Motorcycle Boy
Another fashion icon of 1980s cinema was this Mickey Rourke character from Rumble Fish. Astride a Harley Davidson motorbike in suit jacket, slacks, shirt and no tie, Motorcycle Boy looked like he didn’t need to try – which was a big part of his appeal.
8. Mortdecai
Johnny Depp’s oddball agent from the 2015 comedy Mortdecai wore a combination of tailored suits, braces, waistcoats and silk ties – topped off of course by a particularly spectacular mustache. It added to the actor’s list of eccentrically stylish characters and created another look for men to aspire to – except for that mustache.
9. Elle Woods
Not every character can get away with dressing from head to toe in pink, but this ditsy Reese Witherspoon character from 1999’s Legally Blonde made it look aspirational. It suited her sweet natured character down to the ground and made for a memorable vision.
10. Zoolander
Possibly the only character who can top her is the internationally famous male model Derek Zoolander, played by Ben Stiller. His clothes in this comedy from 2001 included crazy outfits like a leopardskin suit accessorized with matching bag, ensuring he was out in front as a fashion leader.
Now that Zoolander 2 has hit the screen, we can all watch and learn from him how to find the perfect outfit for 2016.

About the Editor

Formerly an editor at Demand Media, writer at Citysearch, The Examiner and proofreader at The Los Angeles Daily News, Christy Buena decided to start Disarray Magazine because she missed writing what she wanted. From hiring writers, to contacting publicists and making assignments, Christy is responsible for the editorial strategy of DisarrayMAG. 

When she’s not running Disarray, she’s consulting for Tigerlily Consultants, helping businesses with their content marketing and social media strategies. 

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