Live Review: Beer Art Music (BAM) Festival 2015

Beer lovers, art enthusiasts and music fans flocked to the 18th Street Arts Center for the annual Beer Art Music (BAM) Festival, presented by Tap and Cheer, in Santa Monica this past Saturday. Attendees strolled into a number of galleries, connected with artists from around the world, enjoyed delicious food trucks and then cooled off by sipping on a variety of ales and ciders from 40+ breweries. Tents and umbrellas were set up to provide refuge from the sweltering 99-degree heat. Bands including, Nick Shattuck, Heaps N Heaps, and Whiskey Sunday provided the soundtrack for the festival. Having attended BAM events in the past, this festival is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

Nick Shattuck Music 
Heaps N Heaps

Upon arrival, my friend Melissa and I were checked in, given wristbands and branded BAM glasses, which served as our ticket to tasting all the delicious beer and ciders.

Christy and Melissa from Tigerlily Consultants

We started off with a refreshingly crisp pumpkin cider. Then, we made our way to the Dogfish Head tent where we had a bold and tasty 60 minute IPA. 

After a few glasses of refreshing beer, we made our way into the galleries where we caught up with Thomas James, a filmmaker from France, who showed us his horror exhibit complete with a fog machine. Here visiting for two months, he explained how he gathered the items for his exhibit by visiting a variety of flea markets and stores to find memorabilia, reminiscent of the 80s.

Artist and Filmmaker Thomas James

As Melissa and I continued exploring the art center, we came across some amazing paintings created by Bibi Kalthom from Denmark. Kalthom explained how she layered fabrics and painted over them to create a textured, multi-dimension piece of art. She explained to us how her art has afforded her opportunities to travel the world.

Perusing the event and talking to artists while sipping on beer worked up our appetites so we headed for the food trucks. We opted for tasty lobster rolls from the Cousins Maine Lobster truck. 

Connecticut Lobster Rolls

We then stopped by a few more brewery tents and then made our way to more art. We saw Claudia Borgna cutting onions in an attempt to make people cry. 

Around the corner, we saw a Nomad truck by artist Dominique Moody, where attendees made their way inside. According to the artist, The Nomad is a functional dwelling on wheels inspired and constructed from repurposed materials. It is a portrait of Moody’s personal, cultural, and family life.

Overall, the event was a fun-filled gathering and this year included sponsors Whole Foods, Saatchi Art, Santa Monica Brew Works and Tap & Cheer.

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Melissa and I enjoyed ourselves at the BAM Festival

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